Gran Turismo 6 Pops Up On CV

It’s still not confirmed by Sony, but Gran Turismo 6 has appeared again online, this time on the LinkedIn page of a marketer at SCEA.

The mention, now removed, read (emphasis ours):

Managing the following titles and franchises at Sony Computer Entertainment America as product manager, handling strategic planning, day-to-day marketing activities, and lifecycle management:
Gran Turismo 6 and GT franchise, The Last Guardian, MotorStorm, Journey, Carnival Island, other titles yet to be announced.

Strange that GT6 is not included in that ‘yet to be announced’ category, yes, but it doesn’t appear to be a typo; GT5, GT5 Prologue and GT PSP are all listed later in the profile in the past tense.

Back in March, members of the development team were spotted taking photos and measurements at the Mount Panorama course at Bathurst.

A Vita entry in the franchise has been rumoured of late (and may be on the way, given the “…and GT franchise” snippet in the profile), but it sounds like a numbered, and therefore likely home console, edition is closer to launch.

Source: NeoGAF


  1. Hype building :P

    • Yep. The CVs of game developers seems to be the new way to fire up the hype train. It’s perfect cos it means they don’t have to say anything official or spend any money on marketing.

  2. Wow, LinkedIn again?

    This is pretty much a foregone conclusion anyway, hopefully it comes to Vita as well as whatever home console it’s on though. Some continuous play stuff has to be included too.

  3. Typo

  4. If true GT6 & GT Vita no doubt.

    • There was always going to be num 6, it’s one of the best selling franchises on PS.

  5. GT Crossplay i hope and ouch no way not Carnival Island that game is awful.. its the same thing on Wii right?

  6. GT is becoming stale IMO.

    • Depends, racers tend to be the same mostly. For PS3 only GT is still the best option however GT5 was a bit weak in some places that could be improved, Not sure what they could do in GT6 I’d thought it was next gen imo.

      Controls are the reason I like it over others like it, its just let down by other stuff.

    • There’s only been one duff one so far, hope is still around. (GT5 today is much better than it was at launch!)

    • Racing sims are stale. Stuff like burnout where the cars dont handle anything like cars are fun. even sims dont handle anything like cars but they are pretty dull.

      • Only someone who has not played Cat and Mouse in Forza would say such a thing :-p

        I get you though, I enjoy many a race on GT / Forza but at times i’m sitting there day-dreaming whilst rolling out another lap.

  7. Announced at E3 2012 Gran Turismo 6 for PS3

    Released December 2017 for PS4

    • Sorry I know the long release could be forever be a joke regarding GT but really if they have the engine optimized for the PS3 and are quite comfortable with the architecture then process should be be shorter.

      • True, but they were showing off GT running on PS3 with GT5 Concept (I still can’t believe I paid for that glorified Demo), yet there was a huge delay between that and GT5.

  8. PS1 = GT1 + GT2
    PS2 = GT3 + GT4
    PS3 = GT5 + GT6…
    PS4 = GT7 + GT8 :P

    • Man certainly has a point here….

    • PS1 = GT1 + GT2
      PS2 = GT3 + GT4
      PS3 = GT5 + GT6…
      PS4 = GT MMO

  9. And will be released on damm it, Mickey beat me to the joke! So ermm, won’t ever get finished due to Kaz wanting to polish every car in the game?

    Probably won’t see GT6 for a few years due to how long GT5 took and i suspect that they are still working on content for GT5.

    I could be wrong and it could be announced at E3. :)

    • There’s no need to polish the cars, they’re digital. ;-)

      • Tell that to Kaz! The man is obessessed with polishing virtual cars.

  10. I think 6 will be a lot less time than 5, given they will be building and improving on the current engine rather than developing a whole new one as they did with 5.

    The reason for the big gap to 5 was due to the failed introduction of GTHD, which was based mostly on 4’s engine, which wasn’t received particularly well so they went back to work to make the proper sequel.

    • I think it’s possible GT6 could be released next year. Sony will want it on Ps3 due to the large userbase. An E3 showing this year seems likely.

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