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The Order: 1886 seemed to be a perfect example of the hype train derailing. The game looked absolutely fantastic when it was first shown off, but excitement seemed to ease off every time Sony and Ready at Dawn released more info about the game. When it finally released in February people were almost completely deflated, the game’s short length seemingly the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Blair touched on the game’s length in his review, although not simply to complain that the game is isn’t long enough. Instead he criticised the way that “the game feels cut short”, with a “perfectly good plot” being suddenly exchanged for “something that just doesn’t work”.

He was also critical of the game’s stealth system, complaining that it lacks any sense of depth or nuance. Given that the stealth sections require you to “eliminate every guard” via a “timed QTE which activates as you approach”, I can absolutely see where he’s coming from. The fact that it doesn’t even give you the ability to hide bodies or pick your own way through the level is almost unforgivable in a stealth system, and Blair said that the only redeeming element was that the stealth areas “only make up a small portion of the game”.

On the more positive side of things, Blair praised the more core elements of the gameplay. He was particularly pleased with the covered based gunplay, calling it “notably fun” because the guns feel “extremely weighty and dangerous without being too old-fashioned in their nature”. Also receiving praise was the way the “environment gets destroyed in firefights, and enemies realistically recoil when shot”.

Of course, as a first party game The Order is expected to look absolutely stunning before pretty much anything else. It seems that this is the department where the game really delivered, with Blair saying the it contains “some of the most incredible visuals ever seen in a full game”. He went on to praise its “uncanny and almost photo realistic facial features” and the way the letterboxed appearance helps to create “a movie-like experience”.

Although the The Order’s visual and audio presentation was labeled “stunning” by Blair, other elements only served to drag it down. Ultimately he rated the game as a 7/10 and had this to say when wrapping up his review:

The Order: 1886 features a wonderfully crafted and realistic alternate history setting with the greatest visuals and production values so far on the PS4. While the first half or so of the story really works, it’s let down by the final few hours, which abandon things shouting out to be explored in favour of introducing forced plot points which do the world and the main cast a disservice. Despite that, the gunplay is a lot of fun and it’s not a bad story overall, just one which could’ve been far better.

Finally, it’s time to ask you what you thought of the game. Long time readers will know how this works, but for anyone who’s new to WeView we want to hear your thoughts on The Order: 1886. It doesn’t matter whether you loved it or hated it so much you couldn’t finish, all you need to do is leave your opinion on the title in the comments below. Remember to include a rating for the game on the Buy It, Sale It, Plus It, Avoid It scale so we can sum up the community’s opinion in Monday’s verdict article.


  1. Buy it. Blair is obviously wrong about this (as he was with Beyond: Two Souls). Perfectly crafted, stunning too look at and a enjoyable story. Best off all, doesn’t take four fucking weeks to finish. Since when did every game have to be 40 hours of game? Or more precisely, 5 hours of game, padded out to 40 hours? Play it, love, it complete it.

    One of the best games on PS4 and I can’t wait for the sequel.

    • Completely agree with TuffCub on this. BUY IT.

      Bloody loved it! I thought there was a lot more gameplay than all the reviewers and critics seemed to make out. I thought the shooting mechanics/cover system worked great and liked the stealth sections too as it didn’t seem to go over the top, having to hide for too long, to the point of getting boring etc.

      The visuals are the best I’ve seen on a console and really drag you into the atmosphere and surroundings.

      I didn’t mind the way the story finished either… Sets it up for a sequel.

      I’d say the game has a more adult nature to it which may have influenced some peoples reviews who were hoping for something like COD, and combined with the shortish length (took me about 11hrs which I fine for me) resulted in the game being severely underrated.

  2. Perfect length, focused experience, I don’t like linear sp games going on too long. Stunning graphically, intriguing story and lore. Game play is fun, easy platinum. What’s not to like?

    • Poo, I pressed submit before I was ready. Ignore this comment and look for my one below.

  3. Perfect length, focused experience, I don’t like linear sp games going on too long. Stunning graphically, intriguing story and lore. Game play is fun, easy platinum. What’s not to like? Some areas of the story could have been further explored but they can save that for a sequel which I’ll definitely buy, day 1.Buy it!

  4. The Order 1886 is a relatively short, story-focused game. It does nothing new or particularly interesting gameplay-wise. It’s a game you play if you’re interested in the setting or cinematic experiences. The length is comparable with your average Call of Duty Campaign, but there’s no multiplayer to get into afterwards. Nor is there great replay-value. It’s also one of the few games to cause me physical discomfort (eye-strain) thanks to what I assume is it’s heavy use of post-processing.

    The Order 1886 isn’t a bad game, not at all. It’s actually a pretty good one. Just not great. It’s main issue is the price, had it been sold at a budget-price (also known as a reasonable price for a videogame) like Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Mario Party 10 or Sonys own Sly 4, it would have had a much better reputation.

    So, in conclusion: Sale it

  5. BUY IT.

    One of the best games I’ve played in ages, and that fact that it isn’t too long is a plus for me, given my limited time and desire to play other games. Story and characters were solid, and the environments and graphics are the best I’ve ever seen on a console.

    Regarding the bad reviews, I feel the game was expected to be an out-and-out 3rd person shooter and was judged accordingly, when actually it’s a very story-heavy game with shooting elements. It’s odd that games like The Walking Dead are held in high regard for their story-focused gameplay, yet The Order is criticised but still offers far more in the gameplay department. Perhaps it was the developers aim to produce something like this, something different, and gave us a game different to the typically shooters that perhaps lack story.

    I also thought some of the criticism regarding the latter story stages was unfair, I think they’ve left everything wide open, which makes me even more excited for a sequel. The stage has been set perfectly.

    My only issue is that photo mode wasn’t present from the start!


    One of the second best looking game on ps4 (killzone still is undoubtly best looking game) it’s a brilliant game, nice & shirt to make up that little time away from the likes of destiny or bloodborne addictions. There is room for improvement no doubt like maybe in the sequel we will actually get to play the game you know kill a few things there & there but I can’t fault the game the idea was brilliant & clearly I have faith in RAD, they will definitely improve the sequel. The setting, weapons was amazing to look at.

    A must BUY

  7. I remember reading an article not long after the internet exploded when somebody beat the game in half an hour or something ridiculous. In the article, Ready at Dawn’s creative director, defended the game’s runtime, saying how they had taken a ‘quality over quantity’ approach to The Order, refining the experience in the hope that players wouldn’t loose interest and give up half way through.

    Whilst I agree not every game needs to be a 200 hour RPG, it felt like there was something missing from The Order. As if anything considered ‘filler’ had been stripped out because they were afraid the ADHD generation might get bored if nothing stimulating happens for more than five seconds. What you’re left with is a game that feels like a montage of the best bits rather than the truly great experience it could have been.

    The Order would have benefited greatly from a few quiet moments in between the action. Time to breathe, to explore or get to know the characters you’re supposed to care about. Naughty Dog proved they are masters of this genre with Uncharted and The Last of Us, both being perfect examples of how to get a cinematic, story driven game right. The Order in contrast seemed over-edited to the point where no sooner had you finished one section, you were being shoved onto the next, with no time to process or take in anything that had come before it. So while I agree that sometimes, quality over quantity can be a good thing, the focus should be on creating the best game possible, regardless of length. More importantly, you need to allow the story to progress/unfold at a natural pace. Otherwise you just feel like you’re going through the motions with no real connection to the world they created or the characters within it.

    I’ve been quite critical but only because I see the potential. I actually enjoyed the game a lot. The Order is without doubt the best looking game I’ve played on PS4/XB1. Incredibly so in places (I can’t wait to see what Naughty Dog can do with the PS4 if others are already capable of this). Gameplay is familiar but still perfectly refined and enjoyable nonetheless. Weapon design is creative and shooting mechanics are satisfyingly accurate/brutal. Level design is also very good with varied locations and incredible attention to detail – the Airship level in particular was brilliant.

    Overall it’s a good game but one that falls short of greatness. They have the foundation in place now and the skill to make something very special going forward. If they take people’s criticisms of the first game on board, The Order has the potential to become a great franchise.

    BUY IT.

  8. Nice to see some passion for this game. I’ve been sitting on the fence with this one thinking it will be another case of all promise, then broken dreams. I think you guys may have changed my mind!

    • Same here. Lovely to see people truly enjoying it. Will bump the game up my “games to get” list quite considerably.

  9. The Order 1886 is a work of technical and visual excellence. But the actual meat of the game-the gameplay is lacking.

    The gameplay is fairly robust when it comes to shooting humans and lycans but for its showpiece fights the game throws a qte instead which is disappointing.

    Weapons are good and the overall Ai behaviour is fairly standard. The crosshairs for weapons are a bit weird I might add.

    The story is good and upto the last act is very entertaining and unique. It’s ending is dull and puts a damper on the whole thing. The game also has unskippable cutsecenes and the game will take around 7/8 hours on medium.

    So there is definitely appeal here and while I enjoyed my time with the game I felt it was trying too hard to be another uncharted. The pacing, the checkpoint gameplay and transitions to a gunfight are evidence of this. While each uncharted game compelled me to play through the game again even outside of trophy requirements, the order does not.

    My opinion is this. The order is at the very most great for some and terrible for others. There are many inconsistencies that drag down the overall experience. The game had rich potential and some has been squandered. Doesn’t mean it’s terrible or bad I’m just good or above average mostly.

    Sale it. Definitely worth a weekend’s play.

    • *Its instead of I’m :’). Oh also the graphics and animations are freaking amazing. Never taken so many screenshots of a game before.

      • I was generally shocked with how good the graphics and details were. In some places, I really felt like I was playing a CGI movie.

  10. This game had a hard time from a lot of reviewers. A lot of them were really overly harsh I think. Despite not being a fan of QTEs I enjoyed this. Good game, good story, great graphics and atmosphere. But personally I feel for the money there isn’t enough replay value. SALE IT.

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