Loot Rascals Will Be Available From March 7th On PS4 And PC

Loot Rascals was one of a wave of games announced at once for the PS4 during E3 2016. It’s the first game coming from new studio Hollow Pond with one of the main people there being Ricky Haggart from Honeyslug, who are know for Hohokum. During Loot Rascals announcement it was confirmed as a 2017 release title, and now we have the date which is March 7th with a price of $15.


Loot Rascals is a strategy title where you need to get your character back home. Along the way they’ll have to fight off different creatures using cards which can be found on the battlefield. Some of these cards are dropped by other players, and here you can choose to either return them or keep them for yourself. Returning it may mean that the other player’s hologram may come to your aid, while keeping it may see the hologram enter the field to fight you.

Source: Press Release

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