Fatal Inertia Demo NOT Coming To PSN Tomorrow

Despite several blogs like PS3 Fanboy and PS3 Attitude proudly stating that the demo of Fatal Intertia is coming to the PlayStation store tomorrow, we here at TheSixthAxis like to pride ourselves on being able to actually read a press release.

We’ll copy and paste the email: KOEI, today announced the release date for the Fatal Inertia demo on Xbox live along with confirmation that this release will be followed up with playable demos for Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War and Dynasty Warriors GUNDAM on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Fatal Inertia will be available for download across Europe from August 14th. The playable demo for Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War will be available in early October with Dynasty Warriors GUNDAM to follow a few weeks later.

And, to paraphrase: the demo for Fatal Interia will be on Xbox Live tomorrow (we assume the UK Live as it’s already out in the US) and then demos of Bladestorm and Dynasty Warriors will be out on both Xbox Live and the PSN at some point in October…

We’ve contacted Koei for confirmation…

Update: and Koei have responded with ‘The demo is only on Xbox Live today. The PSN one will follow when the PS3 version is ready.’ – end of story.