No Pain Until February?

We’ve been moaning about the terrible updates for the PAL PlayStation Store for weeks now, and they don’t appear to be getting any better just yet. We’ve had word in (yeah, we know) that whilst PixelJunk Monsters is due for next Thursday (€4.99) alongside Sky Diving (€4.99) and a PSP version of Flow (and the PS3 expansion pack) it’s February that’ll be the main month for new PSN games.

We’ll be getting the Blast Factor Advanced Research upgrade (€2.99), Dark Mist (€7.99), Everyday Shooter (€7.99), Pain (€7.99) and High Velocity Bowling (€7.99) next month. Whether or not you choose to trust our (different) source this time is entirely up to you! ;)

Update: our list appears to tie in nicely with this German site – the plot thickens…