TSAN: Warhawk game

Thanks to the great response from the post yesterday, we’re pleased to say we’ll be organising a TSA Warhawk game this week.



  • Date: Wednesday, 23/07/2008
  • Time: 19:30 (7:30 pm UK time)
  • Server: LordMooch
  • Password: TSAN23

Yep, that’s tomorrow night at 7:30pm UK time.  Everyone is welcome.  We’ll be hosting an 8 or 12-player game, depending on what Warhawk allows when it checks my connection, but it’s normally 12.  Around 7:30 the server will open with a small 2 or 3-minute game just so everyone can login and say hello.  Then we’ll rotate a couple of games each of Zones and CTF, followed a Team Deathmatch to finish up.

All games will take place using the basic Warhawk maps, there is no need to have any of the subsequent Warhawk packs installed.

Remember: Warhawk needs to be patched to V1.4, so do that before tomorrow night otherwise you may miss out while waiting for the patch to download.

If you intend to play, please leave a comment here so we can get an idea of numbers – thanks.