Sony Bullish

Monday morning is as good a time as any for a bit of Sony bullishness. SCEA’s Scott Steinberg has been chatting to and he’s come out with some lovely snippets that are tantamount to arson.

…we’re not trying to get the senior citizen group… – A joyous reference to Nintendo’s target market for the Wii. See, Nintendo’s not just for kids, it’s for old people too.


…salivate at the notion of converting our existing PS2 universe… – Graphical imagery of salivating Sony execs aside, this is something that could only be good news for all PS3 owners. The sooner the PS2 base starts upgrading, the sooner the PS3 base explodes and we’ll get more exclusives. It’ll be just like the good old days, but with added PSN.

…other competitors are going to feel…long in the tooth…quite dated…from a horsepower standpoint. – Ah, the console arms race. Sony won the last-gen with hardware that was considered less technically proficient than the competition. But if you compare PS2 games over the console’s lifespan you can see a startling improvement, much more so than in other machines. And now with the PS3 the same thing will happen again, but Sony has the added advantage of having the most powerful hardware too.

Makes you glad you bought a Sony, doesn’t it.