Avatars Beat Home

Well, Home 1.0 is nearly here.  Like really near.  Thankfully, we’re not attention grabbing kids desperate for hits; our moral obligation is preventing us from posting the full Home 1.0 detail list (although it’s practically all over the net now) but as soon as another site with integrity posts the lists we’ll do the same.

Regardless, there’s loads to look forward to, and we’re sure you’ve read through the list already, the simple fact is that in just 2 hours Microsoft unleash the New Xbox Experience, something we’ve been testing for just over a week.  The NXE, as it’s dubbed, offers full Avatar support beating Sony to the punch in some respects, although apparently Sony aren’t happy with 360 users seeing certain Sony films…


Sure, there’s no Home Space equivalent, there are no minigames to play and no stupid dances to ‘partake’ in, but the fact is that Microsoft are on the ball with the new dashboard: it’s clean, easy to use and a refreshing change from the previous dull blade system.  Whether it’ll be expanded to offer ‘spaces’ in the future we don’t know, but the option to install full games to the hard drive is a real blessing.

So, all eyes now on Home, and what Sony do with the 1.0 release.  We know it’ll stay in closed for a few days, then spread wider quite quickly, but thankfully public release dates still haven’t been leaked.  If anyone’s in the current Home closed beta and fancies a get-together real soon, drop your PSN in the comments and we’ll organise something.