Home Update

TedTheDog (Home Community Manager) has announced some updates for Home which have gone live today.

+ A new multiplayer game called Helicopter Hit in Home Square
+ WATCHMEN content in the form a couple of comics, and a clock
+ SFIV costumes (Ryu, Ken, Guile & Chun-Li) available to purchase 


And thats not all, we also have some Resi 5 stuff, of which TedTheDog has said “Resident Evil 5 Studio Lot comes to Home with the addition of the space from Capcom and you’ll find it under their chip on the World Map. 

The Space is not yet complete but we thought you would enjoy exploring this behind the scenes look at Capcoms latest.”

Not a bad update, in fact a pretty darn good one.

Via EU PS Forums, thanks to RocketSOL in our forums for the tip.