EU Trophycard Confusion

Earlier we revealed that Playfire had the exclusive on the new Trophycard system for European PSN users, saying that “Playfire had emailed alerting us to the fact that SCEE has chosen Playfire to be the official Trophycard site once the service rolls out”.  Whether we misread the email, or something else has been decided since we don’t know, but now this doesn’t appear to be the case as a SCEE rep has now posted on the official forums explaining the Trophycards will be available from the EU PlayStation site anyway.

“The web team have been working hard since we first launched PlayStation Network sign in and account management on the website last year,” says MusterBuster, Community Team Leader. “During the next few days, we’ll be launching new PlayStation Network-integrated features on the website. In this Forum thread, we’ll introduce you to some of the main changes that you’ll see when you sign in to the website later this week.”


We’ll be getting a full friends, Trophy and recent games ‘dashboard’ on the EU PlayStation site, plus the PSN Portable IDs that show off your Trophy score on every website and blog you can spam yourselves on (and yes, we’ll be implementing the PSN Portable IDs on TSA, too) and it appears there’ll be a few different styles for you to pick from.  Expect these soon, and a few ‘secret’ additional features over the coming months.  Excellent, in about 12 months we’ll be up to the level of service Xbox Live has been providing for years.

Oh, we jest, put away your pitchforks.