Home Update: 18/06/09

The SCEE Home Community Manager, known to many as ‘TedTheDog’ recently posted a list of confirmed updates heading our way this Thursday. Check out the summarised list below for the latest info:

New Spaces:


Shopping Centre Additions:

  • Estates > “The City Penthouse” [£3.99 / €4.67 *]
  • Ligne Roset > “The City Penthouse themed furniture”

Space Updates:

  • Clubhouse > “Regular fees” scheme postponed until 31/12/09
  • EA Sports Complex Downstairs > Re-download
  • EA Sports Complex Downstairs > 8 more seats for users to play racing game
  • EA Sports Complex Upstairs > Re-download
  • EA Sports Complex Upstairs > Female clothing winnable through Texas Hold ‘Em game
  • EA Sports Complex Upstairs > Tweaks to some screens


  • Where’s Wally style event running from 18/06/09 to 01/07/09
  • Transformers quest continues

* = To be detailed further on the Official EU PlayStation Blog around 18/06/09.

If you’re wondering why Wally is making an appearance, TedTheDog said “Every night from 7-9pm UK time someone will be somewhere in Home. Find them, type a particular phrase and win something very very…… weird”. We’ve since learnt that these people will move about, and possibly from space to space. It’s an insteresting game of hide-and-seek, which could turn out to become very popular. So how will Sony tackle the crowds that surround the ‘person’? “Theres likely to be more than 1 [Wally] person doing it at the same time”.

In addition, if you’ve been on Home lately, you may have realised that the ‘Buzz!’ space we mentioned a while back is not online. This is because on day one of the space going live, bugs were already showing themselves. Sony took the space offline and have since been working on sorting out the problems for about a week. Could the ‘Untitled’ space be the republishing of the Buzz! space? Not likely, the spaces creators, Relentless, are still working on the problem, and TedTheDog told us he “will bring [us] a progress update towards the end of the month”. TedTheDog has also confirmed that it’s not the StageSet, Killzone, Ghostbusters, Uncharted or Siren spaces. Any of these? “There will be a new space, and you’ll be able to read all about it on the blog next week.” New info here.

See the original update by TedTheDog.

Source: Official EU PlayStation Forum