Knight Lore Coming To Xbox 360?

When Jetpac appeared on the Xbox Live Arcade in it’s pure retro form it meant two things: Rare know a classic when they make one, and they’ve created a Spectrum emulator on the 360.  Now, in an interview with VideoGamer, they’ve hinted that Natal will give the studio chance to pick up some classic Rare titles and update them for the new technology.  Rare’s Design Director, George Andreas said in reference to this that “there are IP that we have looked at and are looking at and will be looking at in the future”.

Rare might not mean much to hardcore PlayStation fans, but from the early days of the ZX Spectrum they’ve consistently created some of the best computer games we’ve ever played, and although recent stuff like the 360 update of Banjo and Kazooie didn’t find universal favour they’ve still got one hell of a grip on the hardware.    And speaking of hardware, Andreas goes on to say “Natal gives us an opportunity to maybe at some point in the future investigate some of those older IPs. I won’t name names.”

Rare, responsible for the 360 Avatar system, has got plenty of Natal stuff on the go at the moment, but Andreas is still keen to talk about their back catalogue.  “One in particular actually I think we can do an absolutely phenomenal version on with Natal. The interface, the way you interact with it – I think it would be an absolutely world-beating product. But we need to explore a little bit more in that direction.”  We’re guessing Killer Instinct, but we’re desperate for this to be something from a little further back in the archives…

Thanks, radiobridge.