Trophy World 25/09/09

Welcome back to Trophy World! This week was pretty consistent with last week in terms of trophy lists, which again means quite a few lists translated from Japanese, so don’t worry if you don’t understand some of them. The lists are:


My picks of the week are two of my most anticipated games that are still to come this year, Borderlands, and the cuter than cute Critter Crunch! Made by Capybara games, this puzzle game was first released on the iPhone, but is coming to the US PSN Store in two weeks time, for only $6.99!  The developers have mentioned that it will be coming soon to the European Store for a similar price point, so expect it to be somewhere around £5. We have featured Critter Crunch before on TSA, so if you missed it or need a refresh on what all this the fuss is about, including a trailer showing off the 1080p 60fps hand drawn graphics then take a peek here.


Another game I’m most excited for, Borderlands is essentially Fallout 3 but even better! Touting it as a role-playing shooter, and featuring an art style bordering cel-shaded, online and local 4-player co-op, and plenty of main and side missions, this game definitely has the potential to be Game of the Year for me. The trophies are a bit similar to Fallout 3, in the respect that they look like they will require you to do everything the game has to offer, which is great. While trophy lists like these may not be the most creative, I feel they’re the best as they don’t make you do any level-grinding, while you experiment with the different things like the characters and their skill trees. It’s coming out next month, and I know quite a few TSAers who I’ll be playing with, and you can set up a TSA Meet if you might need help with a boss or trophy.

Now I have some great news for all of you, relating to the trophies of Modern Warfare 2. Thanks to TSA member C_Stewie, who posted a link to an interview with Robert Bowling, we now know that most probably there won’t be any online based trophies in the game. In the interview, he shares with us how much he himself detests online achievements, and says that while the list may still may not be set in stone, don’t expect to see any online trophies in the game. This is fantastic for all of us buying MW2 (come on, who isn’t buying it?) so we won’t have people just playing online to get trophies, and not actually helping their teammates to win the game.

For this week, without a doubt, my favourite trophy is:

Critter Crunch/Silver

World’s Greatest Dad!
Complete 35 Adventure levels while also “feeding” Smalls to completion

Not only this one, but there is a great sense of tongue in cheek on around all the trophies in Critter Crunch. Also, from what I’ve seen of the game, this isn’t going to be an easy trophy to achieve. “Feeding” is actually exchanging rainbow coloured barf with your son, Smalls. This in itself should be enough to convince you that this is a game that your PS3 will love you for owning, I should probably stop ranting now, see you next week!

Trophy World is a regular feature written for TheSixthAxis by Zuler.