EyePet Delayed In America

EyePet, as far as I could tell when I played it recently, is finished. However, if you were hoping to get your hands on the cute fluffy monkey this year you’ll need to be based in Europe, because the US release has been delayed until next year. “The North American territory has decided to take additional time to focus on the EyePet product and can confirm it will not be available this holiday,” says a press release.

“EyePet is an innovative and exciting new IP to the PS3 platform and SCEA marketing will spend additional time to continue educating consumers and retail channels, setting the table for a successful product launch. We will provide more details on an updated launch timeframe very soon.”


Basically, America isn’t ready for EyePet yet, and SCEA will need to do some heavy marketing to make consumers aware of the product before its released, something SCEE are actively doing as much as they can do over here with demos of the hardware and software popping up all over the country, and television advertisements hopefully starting soon before its 23rd of October release.