White Knight Chronicles Release Date

White Knight Chronicles: International Edition (aka: White Knight Chronicles: Rest of the World Outside Japan Edition) will be released in the US on the 2nd of February 2010, adding yet another title to the already massive list of AAA games coming out at the beginning of next year. To make up for the year long delay the game has had during it’s localisation process, it will come with a list of additional content and features that it’s japanese counterpart didn’t have.

  • Over 50 disc-based online quests which can be completed solo or cooperatively with up to three other players. When the game is launched there will also be a lot more content content available online.
  • Voice Chat
  • The Georama. Something which appears to let you build a village for your character where you can invite friends to complete quests and purchases items and gear.
  • Live Talk which means that Leonard and his friends will have conversations during the gameplay to add more character to the, erm, characters.

So that’s the good news. The bad news is that we’ll have to wait another couple of weeks for an EU release date, there still won’t be any vibration, and whilst there will be multi-language support, it will only come in the form English, French and Spanish subtitles. English is the only voiceover language. Though apparently they did try to include the japanese track, it just didn’t work out. Though to finish on a high, here’s the awesome box art!



Source: US PS Blog