Gravity Crash Gets Home Space

Gravity Crash (8/10) is all set to invade Home today, with a special event going live called ‘Gravity Crash: Maze to the Mothership!’ The space (as detailed on the EU Blog) can be found from the Presentation Podium, is essentially a massive Gravity Crash themed maze with two prizes – one for completing the maze and another for collecting all the crystals along the way.  There’s even a Gravity Crash suit to win!

In addition, Home will today see lots of LittleBigPlanet goodies to buy, the SingStar VIP space re-opening and the Audi space, which I remember mentioning ages ago, will finally go live.  If you’re still into Home, today’s one hell of an update and hopefully there’s going to be something rather yummy in there for everyone.  I’ll certainly be taking a look at the Gravity Crash space, although that costume won’t really suit me!