Trophy World 31/12/09

Welcome to the last Trophy World of 2009! Unfortunately, we have the worst offering to end the year with, as only two trophy lists were posted last week. Still, lots of games are coming out soon, so expect many trophy lists to go along with that:

Seems Magic Ball has had a bit of a name change, possibly to avoid some kind of trademark infringement. It also seems that it will be getting a new DLC pack, following up from the ‘Wicked Witches’ levels. The trophies look easy enough to attain, provided of course you have Lady Luck on your side. My estimate is that this should be coming out in a month or so. Get ready Breakout fans!


A Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 table for Zen Pinball was announced all the way back in October, slated for a release later that month. Oddly enough, it failed to make an appearance, and there was no news at all on what had happened to it. Four new trophies have just been added to the game, so the table can’t be far now. I thought that the Street Fighter table was the best of the bunch, so I’m eagerly awaiting this table so I can return to this classic.

My favourite trophy of the week is:

Polar Panic/ Gold

Bear Necessities
Complete the Story Mode

It’s trophies like these that sometimes indicate whether the developers have actually put any effort into the game. Honestly, after this and trying the demo, I’m almost convinced on buying Polar Panic, sadly though I don’t have the funds to do that. Trophy World isn’t over yet dear TSAians, read on…

As it’s the last Trophy World of 2009, what better way to end the year with you choosing your own favourite trophies of the year! The categories in which you’ll be voting for are detailed below. Send in your votes to zuler [AT] thesixthaxis [DOT] com with your TSA username, and I’ll be tallying the votes over the week and have the results posted in next week’s Trophy World. Don’t be shy, your vote is always appreciated!

The categories are:

  1. Easiest Individual Trophy – What was the easiest trophy you unlocked in 2009? Maybe a trophy for just watching a cut scene? The choice is yours.
  2. Hardest Individual Trophy – What trophy made you really grind your teeth while you tried attaining it? Possibly those absolutely mental Batman combat challenges?
  3. Funniest Trophy – What trophy made you laugh so hard that something dribbled out of your cock? Sorry… blame Colossalblue for that one.
  4. Easiest Platinum – Are you one of those people who succumbed to the temptation of renting a game just to get a platinum? I know many who did with something relating to Salvation and a particular pop-star… shameless.
  5. Hardest Platinum – Any game out there that you’ve just given up on trying to get that elusive platinum?  Certainly applicable to those of you who may have imported Demon’s Souls.
  6. Most Time-Consuming Trophy List – Any particular set of trophies that you think will take you eons to complete? RPGs sound like a good choice.
  7. Cheapest Trophy List – What game forced you to buy something extra to possibly get all the silverware. A specific ‘Hero’ game is ringing some bells here…
  8. Most Money-Friendly Platinum – What game did you feel gave you the most silverware for your buck? PSN games with a platinum which you may have found easy to get 100% would be applicable here.
  9. Most Creative Trophy List – What game offered  a good amount of trophies that walked away from the traditional ‘Complete Level X’? I feel Assassin’s Creed 2 had trophies had a good balance of both.
  10. Most Boring Trophy List – What was the most unoriginal trophy list this year? Our own staff GotY sounds like a good choice, unfortunately.
  11. Trophy List of the Year – In your humble opinion, what was the best trophy list this year had to offer? Could be the most funniest trophy list, the most enjoyable to complete trophy list, and so on…
  12. Trophy of the Year – Same as above, except this time you must choose a particular trophy. Has to be Rockin’ the Boat from God of War for me.

Don’t forget, the game must have released this year, and just to make simple, if anything had any sort of re-release, I’ll let it count. So for any of these categories, if you picked a trophy from Fallout 3, that’s acceptable since it had a re-release in the form of the ‘Game of the Year’ edition. See you next week with the results, and have a great new year!