Heavy Rain Gets UK Release Date

Unconfirmed just yet (although we’ve fired off an email to Sony) but we’re getting reports in that PS3 exclusive AAA title Heavy Rain will indeed be released on the 26th of February in the UK.  Independent retail sources have all pointed at the same date, which of course matches up with that seen by HMV earlier, and suggest a retail price of £49.99 although pre-orders are currently floating around ten pounds less than that.

We’ll update when we can, but for now, we’re pretty sure that’s the date.

Update: we’ve been told that the EU Blog will have confirmation on the above later today.

Update 2: yup, 26th of February.

Update 3: you can buy Heavy Rain from the following retailers and help out TSA at the same time.

Heavy Rain (Amazon)

Heavy Rain (Play)

Heavy Rain (ShopTo)