Arkham Asylum GotY Edition Coming

The guys over at G4TV have found something quite interesting amongst all those BBFC ratings. Apart from the fact that something actually made it through uncut, they found a listing added yesterday revealing Batman: Arkham Asylum will be getting a Game of the Year edition (it even made #4 in our own prestigious awards). With Batman’s huge success this year, Eidos would be silly not to offer such a bundle.

What will be included is still under wraps but let’s hope for some extra content, at least. We can probably expect all of the downloadable maps, including the preorder-only ones, and there’s a very small chance of a better Batarang.  You may remember our very own Peter gave it a 9/10, so if you’ve not picked it up you might want to wait and see what becomes of this.


Arkham Asylum 2 is also planned for this year but we’ll keep you up-to-date with anything we hear on that.