Dante’s Inferno Dark Forest DLC Also Set For Xbox 360

Viewed by some as something of a coup, the extra Dante’s Inferno DLC that comes with the PS3’s Divine (read: special) Edition of the game will also be made available to Xbox 360 fans of heresy and literary bastardisation. It just won’t be free.

Confirmed during a round-table discussion, Visceral’s Jonathan Knight has stated that, though the Dark Forest DLC comes bundled (eventually) as part of the PS3’s Divine Edition (which costs the same as the standard 360 version by the way), that’s not to say fans from across the console divide won’t also be able to get in on the act. The DLC, which has not been given a price at this time, will be available on XBL in March.


The Dark Forest episode of Dante’s journey focuses on the very start of Alighieri’s epic poem, and considering the Italian wordsmith practically left it devoid of detail, the developer has decided to take some creative licence and just run with it. Hang on. Didn’t they pretty much do that with the rest of the poem as well?

We’re kidding. (No we’re not.)