God Of War III Will Last 15-20 Hours – Director

Speaking to Spanish gaming publication Hobby Consolas, God of War III director Stig Asmussen has stated that the upcoming Kratos extravaganza will take the average mortal 15 to 20 hours to complete. Depending on difficulty of course.

Game length is a touchy subject at the best of times, with the eternal debate of quality over quantity raging ever since the ‘days of Metal Gear Solid 4 past.’ And though one man’s opinion (despite this man being pretty much the authority on the topic) is all well and good, we all know what takes one person two weeks (Killzone 2 on Elite) can take another demigod-esque Übermensch (my likely lying friend who once completed the same game using only the knife) a mere few hours. Game difficulty is subjective.


So, the following quote from Mr. Asmussen is quite telling:

It’s a difficult question to answer right now because we are still “testing” and may change, but I imagine it would last about the same time that lasted for the previous two chapters (15 to 20 hours depending on difficulty level).

If we ignore the actual number of hours quoted for a second and focus on the preceding words, it would appear that the third God of War is somewhat comparable in length to the other previous titles’ duration. Which means, for the majority of us at least, we’re going to have our eyeballs liquified for long enough to incur lasting damage. Praise Zeus!

Thanks PlayStationUniversity