Try PixelJunk Shooter For Free, Now

The Hong Kong PSN Store has just updated today with a playable demo of PixelJunk Shooter, so if you haven’t yet tried the latest in the PixelJunk series, do so – the demo is free and just 55MB in size so you’ll have it in a jiffy.

You can read our full review of PixelJunk Shooter here, in which we concluded that the game, “in a rather bipolar state of eponmy, isn’t a shooter at all, but a gentle, considered homage to Exile, Thrust and voyages into the unknown.  With that in mind, hopefully you now know whether it’s for you or not.”

If you don’t have a Hong Kong PSN Account (and assuming it’s not breaking the fundamental laws of physics, or whatever some people will try to convince you it does) it’s dead easy and you can sign up in English.  It’s well worth doing as the Hong Kong Store usually gets stuff much sooner than the European one.

Thanks, PSNStores.