Dante’s Inferno Super Bowl Ad Is Tame, Has Bill Withers

We recently highlighted the fact that EA have purchased an advertisement slot for perdition-bound Dante’s Inferno during this year’s Super Bowl game. We also flagged how the title’s usual tagline of “Go To Hell” had to be changed to “Hell Awaits” in fear of upsetting some of America’s religious right.

Some of you quite rightly brought up the issue of how the hell can you show eviscerations and gore in a game trailer and yet not be able to use a pretty meek catchphrase. Well, the answer is simple: you can”t.


Behold the actual Super Bowl trailer sports fans will be scratching their heads to this week. Why the confusion? Who in their right mind pairs a Bill Withers track with a knight dude slashing his way through the denizens of the netherworld?

We still like it though. In a twisted, we-don’t-know-why kinda way. Maybe it’s how Dante screams “Beatrice!” right after the opening line of the song. That’s comedy gold right there, people.

Thanks IndustryGamers