Trophy World 20/02/10

Hello again, welcome back! It’s been a good week, with a nice helping of trophy lists posted. Now, I wonder when we’ll be seeing the trophy list where you get a bronze for having sex with a goddess. Hmm…

Yakuza 3 is, in a way, a Japanese GTA. It’s a game with heavy Eastern influence, and it’s not ashamed to admit it. Many people in the west love the series, even though overall sales for the franchise outside of Japan has been pretty low. There is a demo on both the US and UK store right now, if you are intrigued by the game. Again, my demo is still sitting on the HDD, as time has not permitted me to play it (Nah, I shouldn’t be blaming this on time, it’s Heavy Rain that’s stopping me). It looks like the game can be a lot of fun, though I know some people who’ve played the demo and detest it. It appears one will need to do some heavy grinding to get all the trophies, as I doubt 10 million yen will come easy, even in a video game.


Have you been asking yourself, “What’s the perfect game, that doesn’t take itself seriously and is just pure, plain and simple, fun?” Well, Just Cause 2 looks to answer that with a bang. In which other game can you fly with a gas canister? Can you tie a thug to an aeroplane and take him for a ride in any other game? Not as far as I’m aware. The trophies reflect some of the mad things capable in Just Cause 2. Just look at ‘Follow Me!’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’, you’ll get an idea of some of the mental choices available to dispose your enemies with. It’s not going to be an easy ride to that platinum though, I’m confident ‘Hardcore’ will really be for the hardcore. Also, “Drive all 104 vehicles.” Seriously? There are one hundred and four vehicles in this game? If you’re still not sold, then you are a heartless person.

Yay, more lands are coming to Pandora! First, we were given a Zombie Island, then an Underdome, and now: an Armoury. Of General Knoxx, to be precise. This looks to become the best of the trio of Borderlands DLC, with a new level cap of 61, new vehicles, new enemies and new areas. Heck, even Scooter is back! It picks up right after the game ends, looking to continue the story of our four heroes. Zombie Island was a prime example of what value a person should receive for six pounds. I skipped Mad Moxxi since it wasn’t too well received, and also that there was to be no experience awarded throughout the quest. The Secret Armoury (I refuse to spell it ‘Armory’) of  General Knoxx looks to be another epic DLC in vein to Zombie Island. Bring it, Gearbox.

My favourite trophy of the week is:

Borderlands DLC: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx/ Bronze

Sneaky Little Buggers
Killed each of the loot midgets

Loot midgets? Am I dreaming? Seriously, can they keep doing this? Oh right, you even have Skag-ridding midgets. I think I may just buy this DLC twice. See you next week!