A Night With Some PS2 Demo Disks

For the third time in just two months, my PS3 is dead. I guess they didn’t fix it properly. Again. I’ve decided however that instead of moaning over the incident and dwelling on it’s death that I’ll dwell on the past instead, and have decided to document one recent night’s alternative gaming. To the PS2 games!

18:40 – Seeing as I sold a good chunk of my PS2 games, I don’t have much selection. There are a couple of titles my little cousins like to play, and then there’s a pile of about 40 demo disks. These look fun!
18:45 – The disks are sitting in a large pile with no organisation. The most sensible thing to do is just throw them at the PS2, see what sticks and play some of the titles inside.

18:49 – Loading up Tarzan Freeride. Should(n’t) be fun!
18:50 – It’s a river surfing game based on a movie released in the previous decade. I don’t expect much.
18:52 – I expected too much.
– Quit.

18:55 – I’ve found Silent Hill 2. Fantastic
18:57 – I’ve explained the game to my American friend. He’s never played before. I’m giving him the controller.
18:58 – He’s given it back. It was too scary. There was a metallic sound at the top of the stairs and the atmosphere just became too much.
19:00 – He’s not even watching me play. He’s that scared. I’m having a blast! This is one of my favourite games ever.
19:02 – Oh dear lord. I can see Pyramid Head. He’s just as terrifying as I remember! I’m going in the other direction.
19:04 – The radio is hissing. There’s a monster nearby I can hear it.
– It’s getting closer. The white noise is getting louder!
– I’m glad I’m pausing to write this because otherwise I don’t know how I’d be coping with the tension.
19:05 – Oh dear lord once again! It’s a leg monster!

19:10 – I’m trying Rez. I’ve heard a lot about this game, but I’ve never actually given it a try.
19:15 – I’m playing that again!
19:20 – And again.
19:25 – Once again.
19:30 – I’ve called my mother so that she can have a go.
19:32 – Huh, she died. I didn’t know that could happen. I think I’ll move on, but wow that was fantastic. I’m buying this game! Anyone know if the HD version will be coming to the PSN?

19:35 – I’ll give Ecco the Dolphin a try.
19:36 – Some hammer head shark keeps attacking.
19:37 – It’s still going.
19:38 – It’s seriously such a bastard! Actually won’t leave me alone.
19:39 – Quit.

19:42 – It’s demo one time! Wild Wild Racing. I’ve never even heard of this.
19:44 – It acts like an arcade racer, but it handles like a sim racer. Though when I say this, I only mean that I have to let go of X when I go around corners. This clearly isn’t the game for me.
19:46 – The level design is nice enough. Not bad for a launch title.

19:48 – Loading the other game on the demo. ISS.
19:49 – Oh. It’s a football game.
19:50 – Quit.

19:53 – Ahh, some quality time with pre-sweary, hairy, angry Jak. I’m playing the Precursor’s Legacy!
19:56 – I don’t think I could have chosen a better game to play right now. I’m feeling awfully nostalgic of the platforming genre.
19:59 – Seriously!? Why don’t they make platformers anymore?
20:11 – Time to move on, but they really need to start making platformers again.

20:14 – That was refreshing. Time to move on to Treasure Planet.
20:16 – It’s a hoverboard type game. Feels like it should be a level of a bigger title. Like Jak II. Oh wait.. it is!
20:18 – Yeah, it’s boring already. Definitely something that should be a side-quest for something bigger. They need something to spice things up. What do other games do to spice things up? Boobs? Wait, Disney and boobs. I don’t think I like that.

20:20 – I’m going to end on a high note. God of War time!
20:30 – This is amazing. I think I’m going to go and seek out the full game again!
20:45 – I can’t find it! I think loaned it to a friend.
20:55 – I did. I phoned him, but he’s lost it. I guess I’ll be buying the trilogy!

20:59 – I’m calming down with a cup of tea and a Jaffa Cake or two.
21:03 – Let’s make that a Jaffa Cake or 5.
21:09 – Yeah, we’re going to have to rephrase that as simply a whole packet of Jaffa Cakes. Is it wrong that I didn’t share? Nobody asked for one.