Sony Sued Over OtherOS Removal

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, just how important the Linux option was for PlayStation 3 owners. Removed as part of the hurried 3.21 Firmware Update and blamed on the emerging, worrying piracy situation with a certain Geohot, the fact that Linux users wouldn’t be able to continue using the software if they wanted to keep up to date with future system software versions would always come to a head.


We were emailed the case dockets overnight, presumably from the plaintiff or at least someone affected by the changes to the PS3.  I’m no legal expert, but it appears the class action was raised on the 27th by a certain Anthony Ventura of California, and with the case file running to seventeen pages it’s some pretty heavy reading.

The issue, so to speak, is that the removal of the OtherOS feature caused those affected to “lose money” and alleges that the removal was “unlawful”, mainly centred on the fact that the license agreement was only provided to users after they had purchased their PS3s.  It does go on to say that users have to “accept any changes in the System Software License Agreeent or cease their use of their PS3,” which will be surely be a major talking point.

The hearing’s in the late Summer, so there’s room for this one to grow.