PS3 and 360 Sales Gap Narrows

Statistical analysis of Sony’s recent financial report reveals the gap between the two HD platforms in this generation’s console war is narrowing. Outselling the 360 by 3 million units last year, and based on Microsoft’s claim that 40.2 million Xbox 360s have been sold, the installed base gap between the two is now 4.5 million.

Will Sony continue to make further gains on its nearest HD competitor? It’s hard to say – especially considering last year’s boost in sales can undoubtedly be attributed to the much needed price drop and introduction of the PS3 Slim.

That said, according to sources, a price-cut for both consoles is on the cards for sometime this year. Who will benefit more from a further drop in price? The already cheap-as-chips 360 or the still slightly more expensive PS3? If you know, don’t be shy, tell us. Don’t forget to include next week’s lottery numbers while you’re at it. An explanation as to what the hell is going on in LOST would also be appreciated.

Thanks PlayStation University