ESRB Outs Crash Team Racing

Mention the words Kart and Racer to a gamer and aside from a slightly overweight plumber, the first thing that pops into their heads is Crash Team Racing.

This being the case there is some excellent news contained within the latest update to the ratings on the ESRB website as Crash Team Racing has been listed for the PlayStation 3 and PSP. It isn’t yet clear if this is the CTR remake we reported on a couple of months ago, or if it’s a US release of Crash as a PSOne Classic.


What is sure to be a PSOne Classic is the listing of Motor Toon Grand Prix which was a PlayStation launch title in Japan. Confusingly, it was released as Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 outside of Japan. The game was produced by Kazunori Yamauchi of Polyphony Digital fame and development-wise is seen as a pre-cursor to the Gran Turismo series.

Source: ESRB, Via PSLS.



  1. It’s been on the Euro store for years

    • I think this is a remake / new game.

      Excellent news! CTR was one of my favs back in the day!

      • But the first was make by Naughty Dog and the follow ups haven’t been (and aren’t nearly as good).

        As the US store doesn’t have a release of the PSOne game I’m expecting it to be that. It would be bad timing to release a new CTR with Modnation Racers and Sega All star racing out very recently.

      • I tend to agree – listing PS3 & PSP is generally a sign of a PSOne Classic.

      • Naughty Dog don’t own Crash Bandicoot anymore so there’s no reason a Crash Team Racing remake would be exclusive. This is more than likely just the US PlayStation Store release of the PSOne game.

    • I was thinking that exact same thing. Saw this article and though maybe they’re making a new one. Sad now :(

  2. I’ve got the PSone classic from the PS Store, I’ve had it ages. Is this a remake, if so, GET IN!

  3. Is it a remake? If so, HELL YEAH!

  4. Its not a remake. Its the PS1 version. ESRB rated it for the U.S store. Nothing to concern us e.u peeps!

  5. Shame, I’d love a remake of it. CTR was just such a fantastic game.

  6. Trivia: CTR was the fourth and last crash game by Naughty Dog. The rights were then sold to vivendi (And I belive vivendi ruined the series)

    • I don’t believe Sony ever owned the right to Crash they simply published the games in some territories (including 1 Crash game not made by Naughty Dog). Naught Dog left Crash when Sony purchased them as Universal owned the Crash IP, it’s now with Activision. Since then Sony has owned the IP’s created by Naughty Dog. Sony/Naughty Dog have never sold the Crash IP as they have never owned it.

      • Sorry, my bad. I just saw the sony logo on the logo and presumed that. Thanks for the info.

  7. “Confusingly, it was released as Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 outside of Japan”
    Wasn’t it the other way around? That Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 (Japan) was released as Motor Toon Grand Prix elsewhere?

  8. I liked Crash Bash :)

  9. CTR was awesome, hope this is a remake and not just a PSOne classic for the store.

  10. Ive had CTR from the store for ages. It has to be a remake….or total BS.

    • Its not a remake or BS…..It just got rated for release on the U.S store.

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