Another PSP Phone Story

We get about one of these stories a month but they’re not usually from a source that’s as easily trusted as Engadget. According to the tech blog there are plans afoot for Sony Ericsson to release their first Android (correction: first since the Xperia… oops!) powered (that’s Google’s mobile operating system) device. Said device is supposedly going to feature the latest Android OS, a 1Ghz SnapDragon processor and a new way of implementing analogue controls.

The landscape slider will apparently feature a screen around four inches in size which slides over to reveal PSP D-Pad and four face buttons. Shoulder buttons are said to be present and, instead of the often-maligned analogue nub there is said to be a long touchpad area. The device is pitched as having a 5 mega-pixel camera which may not be final. According to what Engadget are calling “a trusted source” (trusted but not revealed), the device will run Gingerbread (which is Android OS 3.0) and feature PlayStation branding.

This sounds a little bit suspect to us but perhaps that’s simply because we’ve seen so many rumours of a PSP2 or a PSP Phone that we tend to take them all with a healthy pinch of salt now. It’s certainly one of the most plausible instances of this particular rumour (coming from such a respected source) that we’ve seen in a while and if it is a hoax then it’s been put together by some people who know what they’re talking about. To put it bluntly, we just can’t call this one either way so we suggest that you all treat the story with optimistic scepticism until we hear official confirmation.

Here’s the (very rough) photoshopped mock-up Engadget have done:



  1. flip just posted about this in the forum…looks interesting tho

    • looks very interesting if it does turn out to be true. I’m so jaded to these rumours by now though that I think I’ll wait for the photographs from a Thai marketplace…

  2. If they ever do make on I would buy one. I’ve been boycotting the iphone. I would also have to take insurance out on it as I am constantly loosing phones. Still disgusted in loosing my w995 after having it for 2 months.

  3. I was about to send a news tip in about this.Seems iv been beaten.

    It looks good and i will definitely look into getting one as my phones getting old now and the attraction of Android 3.0 is very high.
    Hopefully sony can deliver on the games front and get some top developers working for the new system instead of just the small game creators that currently populate the android market.

    Also i can remember in the past sony saying that none of its phones would carry the playstation name until all ties with Ericsson were dropped.Change of heart it seems.

  4. At the moment gingerbread (Android 3.0) is just the current Android 2.2 but sets a minimum spec of 1ghtz processors, that is certainly feasible for a PSPhone.

    Like Cb says we’ll have to wait for the actual launch photos from a far eastern market before we raise excitement levels.

  5. “According to the tech blog there are plans afoot for Sony Ericsson to release their first Android powered”

    This is not there first effort at an android phone.
    They released the Sony Ericsson Xperia earlier this year which ran Android 1.6.
    Needed to point that out.

    • oops, I’m an iPhone fan ;)
      Thanks for the heads up, I’ve added a correction.

    • They haven’t released an Android 2.0 device yet, which is what Engadget is stating.

  6. If Sony release a handheld/mobile hybrid I would have thought they’d release it under the PlayStation brand rather than Ericsson. Makes more sense to me to implement the phone tech to a console, rather than the game tech to a mobile.

    • I think there is a lot of boardroom politics between Sony and their Sony Ericsson division. That all needs to be smoothed out.
      I think (I could be way off the mark) that Sony Ericsson have been trying to get PlayStation branding for at least a couple of years but Sony haven’t allowed it due to Ericsson’s phones all being a temperamental usability nightmare (admittedly, with a fantastic camera). As far as I’m aware (from vague rumours and heresay) Sony didn’t want the PlayStation brand tarnished with Ericsson’s shitty hardware and UI.

      • Sony have said that if they were to do a PSPhone they will be the ones to do it and not Sony Ericsson as they want to keep the Playstation brand to themselves. Sony have nothing to do with their mobile phones sector they leave all that upto Ericsson the only reason its called Sony Ericsson is coz Sony bought alot of shares so they oput the Sony name on the phones. A PSPhone will be released by SCE and not their mobile phone devision

      • Shitty hardware?! Seriously?! I thought the old Sony Ericsson k800i was one of the most reliable phones ever! And everyone seemed to have one. Tbh though I’m not big on phones. I like the touch function on modern phones, but I have a proper camera and proper games consoles, so my phone is 80% texting, 15% calls, 5% games.

        Here’s hoping things do smooth over between departments.

      • K800 and many others are great reliable phones but…

        W range of phones and Satio & Aino have amongst the highest failure rates of phone ever.

    • If Sony release a handheld/mobile hybrid I would have thought they’d release it under the PlayStation brand rather than Ericsson.”

      SonyEricsson is inseparable, thinking back to Sony’s phones before the joint venture launched they were attractively designed but the tech was lacking and they were generally unreliable, Ericsson was the opposite way around with great tech & reliability in the phones but awful design.

      I know Sony have reportedly been reluctant in the past because mobile gaming experience has been miles away from PlayStation, but now there is the capability to have processors around 1ghtz & 512mb of RAM in a small form factor. The time could be right for SonyEriccson to launch a PlayStation branded device joining the ranks of Bravia, Cybershot and Walkman in the mobile phone arena.

  7. This is because I’ve just got a Galaxy S isn’t it? ;)
    Never been a huge fan of SE phones tbh, but if it’s true and it sells well that can only be a good thing.

  8. Well next year my contract is up. I was a Motorola fan for many years, moving over to a Samsung. Looking forward to getting a Galaxy S… now i’ll wait to see what happens with this.

  9. I think the market is almost ripe for something like this now and Android seems the sensible platform. In terms of spec, most new Android phones already outperform the PSP for both cpu and screen size so as long as it has a decent GPU, I see no limitation there. It’s simply a matter of careful design so it’s not too big bit still nice to use.
    That mock up seems like the right idea, though it needs more buttons and an analog nub if it will, as it surely must, play standard PSP games.

  10. Wonder what way it would work out with all the apps and games from the Android store. Would Sony give full access to download the free and cheap games? And I just went and bought the new Xperia mini pro, as I got fed up waiting for the PSP phone. So its a dead cert to be a news fest about it now.

    • If they had Android but restricted access to the market, there would be A LOT of grief.
      I don’t think they would need to anyway, they are very different to PSP games.

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