Tom Clancy and Rayman HD/3D Remakes Also On The Way

The rumours of HD reworkings of the Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell and Mortal Kombat games have been doing the rounds for what seems like forever, increasingly popping up on online retailers, and now JeuxVideo is reporting that they will also be accompanied by a Rayman Trilogy release and a Tom Clancy Boxset.

The site is claiming that Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, Rayman and Tom Clancy (to include Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six) will all be available on November 4th for €40, and will be playable in 3D, like Sony’s upcoming Sly and Team Ico collections. On November 18th, a “Mortal Kombat HD Arcade Kollection” will also supposedly be released, at the remake standard of €30. JeuxVideo have also posted unconfirmed boxart for the Prince of Persia and Mortal Kombat sets:

In other remake news, are now listing the Prince of Persia HD/3D rerelease, with a full description and breakdown of the three games, and a 26th November date.

Hey Warner and Ubisoft: just announce these already.

Source: JeuxVideo



  1. the tom clancy one might be interesting

  2. i guess this is stopping us from having ps2 games on the ps store, because they can rake in a lot more cash this way.

  3. because that’s so much better than being able to play the copies we already have isn’t it?

    • Were you born bitter? :-p

    • Actually I think it is yes – 100% compatibility with PS3, full access to in-game XMB, Trophy support, HD/3D graphics, bonus content etc.

      I personally hate playing old games as they’re never as good as I remember them being, but the beauty of these HD remakes is that they do live up to your ‘rose tinted’ memory of them.

      I really enjoyed playing through the God of War Collection in chronological order with trophy support and HD graphics – despite the fact somewhere in a shoebox in the attic I have PS2 versions of both of them and a launch PS3 that could play them (actually I ended up playing God of War 2 PS2 version on my PS3 originally as I seem to recall they released around the same time!).

      • I was thinking the same thing.

        I love that these older series are being re done in HD and with trophies. Before the GoW Collection, I’d never played a GoW game. So being able to play GoW 1-3 back to back in HD was great. Same goes for Sly Cooper and the ICO games, I’m looking forward to those as well as Splinter Cell and PoP.

        I’m not fussed about PS2 games coming to PSN if they’re just going going to be straight ports. I prefer the Blu-Ray release with HD and Trophies, by far.

        I wish MS would take note and release remakes of Halo 1 & 2, as I’ve only played the 360 Halo games (3, ODST, Reach).

  4. A Prince of Persia Collection would be great. Loved all 3 of those games, and with trophies, HD-ness and 3D support, they’ll be even better. Same goes for Splinter Cell actually. Would love to replay both.

  5. Although i liked the Splinter Cell series, i can’t see myself buying any of these.

    • i would possibly buy the mortal kombat one, but only for a bargain bin £10 price. Ill invest in ico as ive never played them, but even that wont be a full price day one purchse, still waiting for gow collection to drop to a tenner!

  6. I have a MASSIVE collection of PS2 games. Massive.

    I would buy them all in a heartbeat if they re release each series on one Blu Ray, HD, Trophies, Extras, Poss Online.

    I would love all the boxes to match lol – no but seriously, who wouldnt want to relie those epic moments in MGS2 and 3? Twin Snales for PS3 HD – YES PLEASE.

    Splinter Cell 1 and Pandora Tomorrow in HD – DEFO!

    DMC1,2,3,3SE – Lets Rock – haha

    Viewtiful Joe in HD, Manhunt 1 and 2 in HD oh yes…

    Come on man, its an awesome idea, they are always at a lower price and no ones forced to buy them. I have GOWC even though I own the originals….

    I really hope the trend catches on and we see all our old favourites.

    • Damn Th’Iphone!! Spelling/Grammar is all over the haddock today!

  7. If they are going to be released in Nov … surly they should have said something by now

  8. The Tom Clancy one includes Rainbow Six. F**k YEAH!!!! :D

  9. GTA Collection?

  10. I wouldn’t mind paying £30 for the Splinter Cell and PoP trilogy remakes but £30 for an HD version of MK 1,2 and 3? No thanks I think I’ll stick to my standard definition versions that cost less than that 20 years ago!

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