Bravia Internet Video Coming To PS3?

Sony’s Bravia Internet Video appears on many of its Internet-enabled 2010 TVs and Blu-ray players. It is a service that provides access to streaming video from a host of sources, including Sony’s own Qriocity, dependent upon your location (i.e., America gets more than anywhere else).

In a blog post yesterday Sony Insider said that they had heard that Sony’s VAIO laptops could soon benefit from having Bravia Internet Video Link integrated into the software that is supplied with them.  Of interest if, like me, you own a VAIO laptop but not so relevant to PlayStation 3 owners.

Except, they closed their original post with a question: “how much longer till BRAVIA Internet Video arrives on the PS3?”

The post has subsequently been updated with information from a source who contacted them after reading the post to say that “full [Bravia Internet Video] service roll out will happen soon [for PS3]”.

We reported way back in January on a rumour that Qriocity would make it to PS3 “soon”.  Since then it has appeared in the PSN Terms of Service, shown its logo on PSN sign-in forms and will power a cloud-based music service on our PS3s.  Qriocity, and Bravia Internet Video, are strictly streaming video services so do not directly compete with video downloads from the PS Store.

Perhaps Sony’s delay in bringing Qriocity to the PS3 has been because they changed their plans to include the whole of the Bravia Internet Video service.  Perhaps Uncle Sony is saving it for a rather large stocking filler this Christmas?  Perhaps it will never happen, but if it did, would you use it?


  1. Sorry to side-track a bit but is this service available to pre 2010 Bravia tellys ? I just wondered if there was maybe a firmware update available ?

  2. Only in UK of course…

  3. do ps3 owners want it is it any good? still waiting on 4od and itv player my self.

  4. I don’t know if I will. I haven’t used the Video store for anything, got bored of Vidzone after a while. But it does come in handy to have on in the background if you’ve got people round who don’t play games. I’m still unsure whether my internet connection is fast enough to not have to buffer or pre-download a movie or something I want to watch.

  5. Is it me but are there far too many services being offered/planned/threatened for the PS3? I’m not interested in any of them – including the PSN Store+ – as my PS3 is a games machine, not something to talk to strangers via Facebook…

    • Then don’t use them. These features are not detracting from your PS3 being a games machine, they are just there for people that want them. Personally I would like to see sony working on some thing the fans actually want like X-game chat or PS2 emulation but we can’t always have what we want now can we?

  6. more apps the better imo

  7. Well of the subject sainsburys are selling the 160gb ps3 for £199.99 from tommorow wednesday and top 5 games are 20% off aswell.Just wanted to let everyone know

  8. Would seem like a no brainer really – the infrastructure is already there and surely expanding the features of the PS3 can only be a good thing?

    The downside of course is that it’s much cheaper to buy a PS3 than a Bravia, so it would take away one of the selling points of the Bravia – you could get a cheaper non-internet TV and a PS3 or just keep your existing TV (although I wouldn’t have thought many people upgrade their TV soley to get internet streaming anyway).

  9. whats with all the video/catchup services lately? where are the proper services

  10. It could be good for people who live in areas where you cannot use Play-TV.

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