David Cage: “We Made Horizon Up”

Speaking to Official PlayStation magazine (and picked up by CVG), Heavy Rain auteur David Cage has revealed that there is no upcoming project called “Horizon” in development at Quantic Dream. Stating the creation of the title was merely a way to stop blabbing actors revealing what his new game really is, the creator seems to have achieved his objective. He claims:


“[Horizon] is a codename that one of our partners used in casting sessions along with an unrelated script to avoid leaks from actors. It seems it was definitely a wise decision.”

No further information was given as to what the studio’s next game actually is, though Cage believes Heavy Rain fans will be “surprised.” We’ve heard something interesting but have been sworn to secrecy. We’ll twist some arms and get back to you.




  1. Heavy Rain fans will be surprised? A generic third-person shooter? :O

    • That would be a surprise.

      • Off-topic but, putting stars around words (*would*) is used for emphasis right?

      • Yes, though italics is better. *ahem*

    • i think that would make me cry

  2. Very prudent from Cage and Co.

    Game development can often be leakier than a broken tap, with actors blurting all sorts of things out over Twitter etc. etc. Keeping a tight lid on things like this, in a manner mildly reminiscent of the way Hollywood will set up mis-named shoots for films, is the only sensible way to go about it when you’re still at the casting stage and in very early development.

  3. This better be the DLC promised. I want more Jayden!

    • Alternatively they might have expanded the prework done on the DLC and are making ‘Heavy Rain 2’ (possibly featuring the guy who went to Madison’s book signing, assuming you got that ending) – a sequel would definitely be a surprise…

      • could follow people from another perspective

  4. Cannot wait!

    Love HR and F! Cracking Games!!

  5. I’ve heard a rumour its gonna be called “Cloudy with Sunny Intervals” and that its an MMO-RPG-FPS

  6. I want a “Fahrenheit” and not a ‘spiritual sequel’ like Heavy Rain was but an actual one, I’m not saying HR is a bad game, god no but I’m dying to know the end of the story here.

    • I’d prefer a remake of Fahrenheit, with the seriously stupid second half replaced.

  7. Rumour has it that the new project will be released before GT5!

  8. Quantum Dream is sooo cool!

  9. hmmm god damn those secret monkeys

  10. So did an Actor actually leak the Horizon thing then? If so, ha ha ha busted.

    • They should tell everyone different names, so they’d know which actor leaked info…

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