GT5′s New Release Date Confirmed

Finally, after weeks of speculation (and a frustrating amount of silence from Sony) the updated, final, not-going-to-change-no-matter-what release date for Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 5 has been confirmed.

The date for this momentous occasion?  November 24th.

There’s been so much said about Sony’s driving simulation since it was first delayed, copies have appeared on Czech auction sites, videos have surfaced on (and been removed from) YouTube, Trophy lists have appeared and we even got a list of the starter courses.

Thankfully, all that’s now at an end.  GT5 is, after six years, nearly here, and thank goodness for that.


  1. Ps does that mean 26th for uk?


  3. So it is nearly a month late. I swear this game better be the best thing ever! :P Was there ever a concrete reason for the delay or was it just to add another layer of spit to the already high levels of spit and pollish?

    • it’s gonna look so good by now i’ll look away from the screen to see the blocky pixellated faces of my family

    • I don’t think anything was ever confirmed. Some mentioned the need to integrate the new anti piracy measures, others said that it missed its production window (due to the last minute anti piracy?). Who knows? At least it’s coming!

  4. Gran what? Never heard of it.

    • Think is a (4th) sequel to the most awesome The Cardigans album…

      • applauds

      • Love Losing My Favourite Game on the GT2 intro.

      • saw them live on that tour, went downhill after that album

  5. Finally! got on pre-order from Shopto like i did with Black ops and got that on release date so hopefully with the same as that!

  6. gtplanet has european release as the 24th


  8. A momentous occasion is it not?

  9. I lol’d… :)

    • Whoops, that was in response to Tanzil’s comment:
      “it’s gonna look so good by now i’ll look away from the screen to see the blocky pixellated faces of my family”

  10. Funny how this appeared after the spamming on the NFS:HP thread on the eu blog…

    Anyhoo.. happy days!

    • Yeah believe it or not, the blog has a schedule for its post times. Please don’t go thinking that spam bombing someone elses thread gets results, because it absolutely doesn’t.

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