GT5′s New Release Date Confirmed

Finally, after weeks of speculation (and a frustrating amount of silence from Sony) the updated, final, not-going-to-change-no-matter-what release date for Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 5 has been confirmed.

The date for this momentous occasion?  November 24th.

There’s been so much said about Sony’s driving simulation since it was first delayed, copies have appeared on Czech auction sites, videos have surfaced on (and been removed from) YouTube, Trophy lists have appeared and we even got a list of the starter courses.

Thankfully, all that’s now at an end.  GT5 is, after six years, nearly here, and thank goodness for that.


  1. I heard there’s a racial argument regarding a piece of music in it which requires urgent product withdrawal.

    • Don’t start that shit man :D

    • Oh man, you have no idea how annoyed I was at that.

  2. 2 days before my girlfriends birthday..
    Oh well.. she’s having her birthday each year, choice made.

    • Best thing I’ve read all day. No, week.

    • What more could any person want than the gift of happiness

  3. Weee finally! I’m not even a big fan of car games but I’m looking forward to this – I sooo want to drive around the Top Gear test track!

  4. You are speaking to a converted. I bought Gran Turismo 1 with a Dual Shock upon release way back when. I hated getting the Licenses… I bought Gran Turismo 2, for the snazzier visuals and yet again I hated it… I didn’t bother getting GT3.. or 4… But hilariously enough, when I bought my PSP Go, I fell in love with the bundled Gran Turismo PSP. This caused me to try out GT5 when at Gamescom earlier this year, A game I probably would’ve ignored before I played GT PSP… Unbelievable game, GT5 from what I played of it… Do you know if anywhere will be doing midnight openings? Cause I will so be there…

  5. Thankyou Kazuhiro San & Sony :)

  6. With all these delays , this game is going to be epic upon release.Expect to wait if you cant get the game when it firstd comes out due to stock levels… Roll on 24 Nov…

  7. Ah finally!

    Wednesday release too, only Kaz =)

  8. Can’t wait. Just have to choose between standard edition and the signature edition.

  9. 12 sleeps!

    • Epic LOL! I’m with you counting away.

  10. Hah! Take that Pachter!

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