GT5′s New Release Date Confirmed

Finally, after weeks of speculation (and a frustrating amount of silence from Sony) the updated, final, not-going-to-change-no-matter-what release date for Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 5 has been confirmed.

The date for this momentous occasion?  November 24th.

There’s been so much said about Sony’s driving simulation since it was first delayed, copies have appeared on Czech auction sites, videos have surfaced on (and been removed from) YouTube, Trophy lists have appeared and we even got a list of the starter courses.


Thankfully, all that’s now at an end.  GT5 is, after six years, nearly here, and thank goodness for that.



  1. Oh crap, just realised that it’s a whole week before pay day and I stupidly ordered the Signature edition! *rumbles around in wallet for a non maxed out credit card* sigh, guess I’ll have to re-morgage the house, again.

  2. That has scuppered my AC Brotherhood enjoyment being so close together

  3. YES!!!
    If this slips again, there will be bloody murders

  4. hallelujah
    Roll on 24th/26th =D
    Best news on the best day
    Here’s hoping for the best GT5 weeks

  5. Ill believe it when i see it!

  6. Excellent news. Hopefully shopto get their stock soon (if they don’t already have it) and get them sent out nice and early.

  7. By the way, can the person in charge of the meets page, please move the meet I set up for GT5 to Nov 26th? Cheers.

  8. Bollocks :o( 2 days before payday & I’m already tapped out!

    • I can lend you the money, but my interest rates are very uncompetitive

  9. got goose-bumps as i read that

  10. Yessss!

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