Sony TV Packs A PS2!

Still smarting about Sony’s decision to remove PS2 backwards compatibility from the PS3? Then how about buying a TV with a built-in PS2 to plug your PS3 into.  Sony obviously thinks some of you will be interested as it has produced the KDL-22PX300.

This is a 22″ HD Ready TV that packs a PlayStation 2 console into the TV’s stand.  While the TV has an HDMI input and will show 720p video on its 1366×768 panel, PS2 games play in SD, albeit upscaled to the panel’s native resolution as would happen with any LCD or Plasma TV.


Available only in-store from Richer Sounds, apparently due to the low numbers available, the TV is priced at what seems a pretty reasonable £199.95.   For £219.94 you can include a 5 year guarantee that will help your PS2 reach the console’s fifteenth birthday!

The TV does not skimp on features either.  Along with the built-in PS2, which remember will play DVDs and CDs too, you get BRAVIA Internet Video.  Available video inputs are 4 HDMI sockets, 1 SCART, component and VGA.

Suggesting the base simply contains a PS2 Slim mainboard and that there has been little electronics integration are some of the other connections.  The set features two Ethernet ports and two digital optical outputs.  Presumably one of each for the TV and PS2.  There is also a analog audio out for you stereo fans.

I have to admit to my initial reaction being that this was some kind of joke.  While there is no mention of the KDL-22PX300 on Sony’s UK site, a search of Sony’s European support site turned up the TVs manual which makes it abundantly clear that the product exists and that there is a PS2 built-in, as you can see in this extract:

Why now Sony, why now?  Or is it a case of why not?

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  1. I still have a launch day PS3 but since GT5 came along I no longer play any PS2 games anyway.
    Quite a cool novelty though and a good price anyway

  2. This is a pity it’s not Full HD but the price is great. I imagine it would actually sell more highly with XBOX 360 owners than PS3 owners as it just seems perfect for them in the bedroom. I’m currently looking for a TV and I will mention this to my parents. However, my mind’s set on a 32″ Toshiba :)

  3. Wow that is quite cool! I would buy one if i had the money

  4. Why not combine a PS3 and 3DHDTV? Would make more sense than a PS2 IMO.

  5. While I would not purchase it for the price and the specs I think it’s a corker of a deal. Just imagine when Loose Women finishes and Trisha’s not on again until the autumn you could bung in an old PS1 / 2 game and away you go. Bit of a novelty idea but a great one nonetheless and the PS2 has such an amazing back catalogue that you’d never be short of a great game.

  6. I think this is pretty cool, if not very niche.

  7. Really good price for the combination of gadgets, shame they are in limited supply this would make an amazing present for a student

  8. Heard about this yesterday, also i have a question. Why not do a similar thing with PS3? I mean sure Sony can think of it right?

  9. Would buy one for the kids, my son plays a few PS2 games on my PS3, if my PS3 breaks then the replacement will most likely not have PS2 compatibility, this fits the whole quite nicely.

    Though a PS2 off ebay is still a much cheaper option.

  10. A 50″ 3D Bravia with PS3 built in at the back with the slot on the side would be insane and if it’s priced around £2000, it would sell like hot cakes.

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