Fillion “Excited” To See Wahlberg As Drake

The comments regarding the alleged casting of Mark Wahlberg as everyone’s favourite treasure hunter in the Uncharted film have been mixed. Some are vehemently opposed to the idea, whilst others think that maybe Marky Mark could actually put in a decent performance.

Fan favourite, Nathan Fillion, is in the latter camp if his messages on Twitter are anything to go by:


“Just watched The Other Guys, and honestly excited to see Wahlberg in Drake’s Fortune. He’s got mad skills.”

So, are we going to give him a chance?

Source: Twitter



  1. It’s not the casting of Marky MArk over Fillion that bothers me so as I think there are better suited actors than both of them, it’s the blatant butchering of the general story etc that perturbs me

    • Exactly, giving Marky Mark some credit for his previous performances, he could pull it off, but I’m not so sure. It’s the whole family dynamic story line. We don’t need to know about it, we just want wise cracking one liners while he’s hanging from one hand up a 1,000ft cliff! Oh hang on, marky mark does his own stunts doesn’t he? Maybe he should do the movie!

    • I completely agree with this sentiment. From what I’ve heard about the film so far, it’s not which actor they’re going to choose or not which bothers me!

    • I’m with you on this. If you start filming with a crappy script it doesn’t matter who plays what role.

    • I think the problems bigger than that in that if you take a game as your source material you’re in trouble from the off. There’s never been a decent film of a game and nor is there likely to be.

      Just my opinion mind.

  2. no. hes not funny enough

  3. He’s not charming enough.

  4. He’s not man enough.

  5. He’s not rude enough.

  6. He’s not Drake enough.

  7. He’s not Drake enough.

  8. He must be the only one who is

  9. He’s not tall enough.

  10. He’s not inteligent enough.

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