Rumour: PS2 Game Download Service Hinted At?

The PSP is home to some great games, with one being ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. This PSP only game is packed with content, providing hours of entertainment for a measly £13.99.

So imagine our surprise this morning when we logged on to the PSN to find a rogue game sitting directly beneath Vice City Stories – the original PS2 game ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’.  We’ve tried downloading it on a PSP 3000 to no avail; however it will happily work on a PSPgo.


It’s obvious this game listing isn’t meant to be active, as the thumbnail JPEG is broken and the file name looks a bit off, not to mention it’s free! Plus when the game boots it boots as ‘stories’.

Is the PSN having an off day?  Or is this an early glimpse of something else in the works?



  1. Probably just a half-uploaded vcs, since in your download list it says it’s vcs. However, i click on download in case it does ever turn into a ps2 game, because that’s one free for me :)

  2. Oh…. interesting ! PS2 classics anyone ? Maybe for PS3 ?

    • That would be awesome.

    • I don’t understand why you would want to play PS2 games on your PS3. If you want to play PS2 stuff, then go play it on a PS2.

      • For some people, lugging out that old dinosaur of a PS2 might seem quite tedious, especially if they turn it on to find that their disk drive isn’t working.

        The PS3 having PS2 software emulation capability would almost perfect the PS3. It might even get those who are still on their PS2s to jump ship and start out their ‘Next Gen’ gaming experience, already with a vast catalogue of games to play.

        I still have my original 60GB PS3, which has PS2 backwards compatibility. I find it fantastic and use it fairly frequently.

      • I’m all for the Trophy HD remakes.

      • Agree with you there TheUgandanGamer having everything contained in one box is the way forward + wireless controllers. Still play quite a lot of PS2 games (and PS1) so I was one customer pissed off with Sony’s move to remove BC. So a return to something like PS2 emulators would be much welcomed…as long as the emulators would still run the discs that I have and not force me to have to buy games again.

        Thank the lord for my 60gb ;)

      • I understand it is more convenient to play PS2 games on a PS3, but I don’t understand why people actually say “PS3 doesn’t have BC? Not getting it then…”

  3. Downloading on my Go now…

    • Right, am I blind, I can’t see it, where do I look?

      • seacrh vice city

      • I managed to find it by searching ‘grand’. Anything relating to GTA or Vice City seems to work.

      • Cheers guys, and Person678.

  4. Downloading it now :P i wonder if it works on PS3.

  5. Also does it download on PS3?

  6. I’m thinking this is something for PSP2. It could be worthwhile demoing that the PSP2 can download a PS2 game in minutes and then proceed to play it on stage.

  7. I’d love to play some of the games I missed because I was off, cheating on Sony with some other console manufacturer!

  8. I wish Sony would release that patented device that will allow PS2 emulation.

    I still have some games to finish like Resi 4, GTA 3 and Vice City and I want to replay MGS3 and San Andreas.

    Seriously how can anyone be a fan of Sony after this ?

    Yes they can’t make any money off backwards compatibility but what about losing their reputation ?

    When they release PS4 I know alot of current PS3 owners who aren’t going to bite.

    Sony if you were going to remove PS2 BC then you might as well have taken away PS1 backwards compatibility as well.

    • Backwards compatibility really doesn’t seem to be a problem with the home consoles these days. How much tech do you want them to cram into a console? I don’t expect the PS4 to be BC with anything other than PS3 games. Having compatibility for 4 consoles in one is asking too much, there has to be a cut off and Sony are conditioning people to it gently. Plus Sony are not the only ones at it, the 360 has problems with backwards compatibility also so it’s not a big evil Sony have created.

      • In response a lot! BC is all about history for me, taking away BC takes away the ability to play a part of history which is a great shame for gaming. This is one medium in all of media where once the technology advances the ability to reflect upon the history that got us here becomes more difficult.

        A clearer example of this is if you look at films, one technology that will still allow me to watch films from the birth of cinema through to current films and if you look at the state of current cinema I know for a fact that there are hardly any classics anymore, same with music, same with literature.

        I know that most people (the younger audience) just want modern games as everything else is just ‘rubbish looking’ or once again in film terms ‘in back and white so it’s got to be crap’ (I teach both games and films so get this response on a daily basis!) but once you break it down that without these early games we wouldn’t have the games of today.

        So yes BC is important on many levels, but I think fundamentally the ability to appreciate the history of gaming. Fortunately I still have a 60gb and there is something special about having a console that allows me to play through the history of Playstation whether that is just because of nostalgia or to study the technological advancements that one company has made.

        So with a PS4 (which isn’t really necessary yet anyway) I hope that we still have a console that can play through all four generations for the reasons mentioned above.

    • All the Great PS2 Games will come out in ‘HD Trilogy etc’format with trophies.

      The rest I see being downloadable at some point, then the last stretch a dongle of some sort or patch update to buy and allow ps2 playback!

      It will happen. I had a 60gb for that reason, I have a MASSIVE, OCD STYLE collection of PS1/2 and 3 games not to mention PSP and GC, SNES…anyway I digress. I ended up cracking and getting a 320 gb slim and dusting off my silver PS2.

      It will happen though, I am sure of it. Its just such a good oppportunity for Sony to further develop the ps3 which for me is number one anyways. Back catalogue isnt as relevant as it once was but the range of games is just vast and full of so much quality it would be a shame to ignore it.

  9. It does download on PS3.

  10. i hope they make sure that there are some decent ps2 games and not a game that they think is a “classic”. on the plus side i might be able to get MGS 2 &3. I missed some many good games on the PS2.

    • What? Like the god awful Dreamcast collection?!

      • i didn’t even now that exsisted. I mean games like GOW,SOTC,ICO,GT 4,FFx-12? Basically any games that are PS2 classics. I was a FPS addict during my PS2 games and sadly missed so many classics.:(

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