Get Test Drive Unlimited 2 For £5

UK-based retailer GAME are running what may be the first of a new breed of trade-in deals this week with Test Drive Unlimited 2, which launches on Friday. Those who pick up either the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 version, both priced at £39.99, can redeem £35 of in-store credit if they trade it in before February 24th.


Effectively it’s a full-package (disc, box, manual) rental option, ideal for gamers who maybe want something to chew on before trading in and hunkering down on one of the month’s more prolific releases, including Bulletstorm and Killzone 3. It will be interesting to see how many units GAME are able to shift and if this promotion will be adopted by other outlets in future.

Note that buying a copy from GAME will also net you some exclusive goodies including a higher level cap and some sweet rides.

We’ll have our thoughts on TDU2 at midnight tonight.

Source: GAME



  1. lots os seconds on the market after that date then lol

  2. I’m reading it as £39.99…. I’m confused

    • Basically, you can Test Drive Test Drive 2 for a fiver. If you speed through it and get enough mileage out of it you can take it back to the dealership to get £35 towards your next item. Sorry for the poor car-related puns.

      • Okay so… I go to the store and I can buy TDU 2 for a fiver? if so I cannot miss this, I do have doubts with it but theres no harm for me for trying.

        Does this comply to all of the UK including Northern Ireland?

      • Oh dear… you go to the counter & exchange 40 of your golden coins in return for one copy of TDU2 and a penny. If you return the game back to the counter along with your receipt by 24th February 2011 you will receive credit to spend on something else in the shop worth up to 35 golden coins. So in effect it has cost you only 5 of your golden coins to play the game ’til 24th February 2011.

      • Ah…. now I understand

  3. Does that mean you could buy it for £40, trade it in, get £35 back, then re-buy your copy you just traded in for a pre-owned price leaving you with some extra trade-in cash?

    • Whether or not you make any profit will depend on how much they sell used copies for, which I guess will be £35.

      • don’t be surprised if they sell the preowned copy for 40 quid.

    • you could try but they’ll probably charge nearly the new price for a preowned copy.

    • perhaps, but might not work out any cheaper than a store selling the game for less in the first place

  4. Another way to get it for a fiver?
    Wait until the 25th Feb then hit ebay!

    • Or if someone really wants to try it out, they can always get hooked up with Boomerang for a £3.50 30-day sub.

      • That’s the option I’d recommend, don’t think there is any better value games rental service.

        Just received Singularity, so might start playing through that tonight. I’ve heard good things.

  5. With these kinds of things going on the new price will drop a lot within weeks.

  6. I’ll have to log in at midnight (if I’m sober enough – it is a Thursday after all) and see what you guys make of it. I’m in 2 minds whether to get it or not. Not too keen on the human sim side of things, looks like Home to me and from what I’ve seen on you-tube the driving looks a bit cartoony but that could be down to the quality of the vids I’ve seen

  7. I got an email about this yesterday, its a shame im not bothered about that game, i`m waiting for Shift 2

    • Me too, it doesn’t give you long to finish the game.

  8. Most of the highly anticipated titles have this “deal”… it’s just never advertised. You can STILL trade GT5 for £30, and that only cost me £19 on release day.
    BLOPS is another example, if you bought that at £40 you’d have been able to trade it back for £35 within the week.

    Alternatively, use Gamestation’s little advertised “no fuss” returns. Gives you 10 days, and your £40 back in cold hard cash.

    • And if I’m understanding this story correctly, the title should be “Rent TDU2 for a fiver” surely.

    • I did wonder why i got £35 trade in for BLOPS other week

    • BlOps is now £30 trade-in, meaning if you’re done with that you can get this for a tenner which you then get £35 back for a couple of weeks later in time for Killzone3 (or just leave the credit on a Trade-In card until Shift2 comes out or something).

      A great way to get about 3 games for next to outlay other than a trade-in

  9. When will TSA be reviewing TCU2 ?

    • Cool and thanks for the reply.

    • Awesome, looking forward to it!
      But wasn’t the game released on Tuesday in the US and Wednesday in Eu? Why is the embargo not until UK release day? O_o

  10. A while ago I bought something from GAME and beat it the very same day so the next day I took it back and got all my money back. So this doesn’t seem like such a great deal to me. £5 for a two week rental?
    Also the headline is misleading.

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