The Japanese Really Want The NGP

Famitsu readers have voted strongly in favour of the next-generation PlayStation Portable, codenamed NGP but likely to change at least three times before it’s out.  Whenever that is.

In a survey, which covered more than 1,207 responses, 76.2% of people that completed said questionnaire said they want an NGP. And whilst nearly 16% said they weren’t sure (remember, there’s no set price, date or launch line-up revealed yet) only 8% gave a flat-out no.


The second question regarded price, with 42.5% selecting ¥30,000 (£225) or below, with 18.7% aiming at ¥35,000 (£260).  Frighteningly, almost 4% of readers thought the machine might cost ¥50,000 (£375) or more.  Let’s hope not, eh?

Although Sony showed off white and black models a the PlayStation Meeting, nobody actually wanted black.  White was the most popular, following by blue, red, silver and – yes – green.

Console-quality graphics was the key feature most Japanese gamers wanted.  Dual analogues, hi-res screen and touch controls weren’t as important.  Nobody selected the option to use it as a small fitness step for mice.

Via AndriaSang.

You can read all about the NGP (PSP2) via our special interdimensional super-portal.  Link.  Thing.



  1. I want this, and in black please, so it matched my PS3. OCD man AWAAAAAAAAY!

  2. I like the black one. i really want this now!!!

  3. Does anybody know the name of the song?

  4. Not just the Japanese that want it, I’ve got the feeling us Brits want it too!

  5. Nevermind the Japaense, I really want one of these. A white glossy finish wouldn’t go a miss and would fit in with my decor :D

    • Ahhh padded cell white eh?? :P

      • You know it! With matching straight jacket! ;)

  6. The video of this little unit had me speechless, for me the augmented reality has me sold, put me down for a launch one.

    Black or White though? I have a Black PSP-1000 and a Silver PSP-2000 I really fancy a white one, but I’ll probably get the black one.

    Now where can I pre-order….

  7. I’ve said it before and I don’t feel like shutting up right now so here i go:- needwantneedwantneedwantNEED!

    (same blue as the PSP 3000 please, btw…)

  8. For gamers and Sony’s sake, lets hope the price is nothing like £375 (or more!)

  9. No small fitness step for mice … only me then?

  10. The Japanese are not the only people who want the NGP, Dange wants one too :D

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