Xperia Play Offline Price Revealed?

A Sony Ericsson competition titled ‘First2Play’ seems to have listed the approximate retail value of the Xperia Play. The magic number is $400, which we assume is offline and not subsidised by a contract as it states the phone may not work with your current mobile provider. The Italian version of this competition lists the phone as having a value of 500 Euros, although wants 649 Euros.

It will be interesting to see the prices when tethered to a 24 month contract.


Update: We’ve just got back from the Sony Ericsson preview event for their new Xperia range and can tell you, direct from the mouth of Sony Ericsson’s team there, that no sim-free price has been confirmed yet. We were told that the contracts would most likely be 18-24 month tie-ins and that the monthly tariff, to fully subsidise the smartphone’s cost, would be in the region of £40 per month. That puts it in a similar bracket to the iPhone 4 which is currently being sold (16GB model) for £540 on Amazon.

Source: First2Play, (Thanks PSNvicheous)



  1. Hmm, interesting. $400 dollars seems like a lot of money, I’m not sure I’d pay that much for the phone in question. I’d be more inclined to go with the iPhone or a HTC, which are around the same price and offer, in my opinion, a lot more for your money. And, as you say Dan, it’ll be interesting to see this price when tethered to a contract – only time will tell I guess.

    • umm, excuse me but what tree did you just fall out of? $400 = £250, thats HALF the price of an iPhone 4, its in a different league to the iPhone because of this, the smartphone market is pretty much split by price and not by performance and hardware. This phone will be a welcomed addition to the market for people who cant afford an iPhone/HTC but still want a gaming phone, this may even sell better than the top end phones

      • Actually the price wont translate exactly like that. There’s VAT @ 20% to add to that. The only USP this phone has is the gaming controls and the PS Suite. Underneath it is very dated specs wise. Most of last years phones had exactley what it has now. Its basically a bargain basement android phone with a bit of PS fairy dust sprinkled on top.

      • Sorry, Snoopy_92 but I’m not an online currency translator so I wouldn’t know, but as below the VAT will make a difference and like most things Sony offer the UK price is always more than the US counterpart. And the phone is dated when it comes to specs, you’re much better off getting an iPhone/HTC as they’re more compact and comprehensive as well as offering more games and apps, even if they’re a little more expensive. I see where you’re coming from but I’m sticking with Jaffe-the-Cake on this one, it will be a PlayStation branded phone that will no-doubt derive some fanboys into a purchase, but I’ll happily stick with my HTC Desire.

      • I own an iPhone 4 and i know first hand its currently the best gaming smartphone but the price of the xperia wont be close (on contract) to the iPhone’s extortion, i can see this being the flagship sony erricson. And as for the specs, i no the NGP slaughters it but its adequate for gaming on the current type of mobile games and i look forward to seeing a new breed of addicting mobile games for the pad

      • Yeah! It’ll be interesting to see a brand new set of games on the system and that’s something that looks promising and you’re right, the NGP slaughters it. I just think that Sony could have packed in a bit more of that magical hardware we all know they’re so fond and capable of creating. But then like you say it won’t come close to the iPhone price, and perhaps that’s a good thing. Straying away from the iPhone price may help sales like you also said, that could be the market they’re going for and if so good luck to ’em. I think it will sell fairly well, nowhere near the iPhone but still strong. Conclusion: Get the marketing right and support it well Sony and it could , potentially, sell well.

  2. What does ‘offline’ mean? Does it mean handset only so you put your own sim in there?

    • Yes, without a contract.

      • I reckon it’ll be around £20 a month on contract for the minimum # of texts, minutes and data allowance. It wont be too high seeing as it isn’t a powerful device.

      • Cheers.

    • The correct term is “unlocked”, so I wouldn’t blame you for being confused.

      • Actually the term used is ‘sim-free’. It’s been a while since I’ve bought one, and they used to call them ‘offline’ phones – certainly where I bought them.

  3. How can it be that much when NGP is twice as powerful and presumably about half that price? Smartphones really are today’s version of daylight robbery!

    • This is quite cheap compared to most unlocked smartphones. And I’ll have what you’re smoking if you seriously somehow think the NGP will be $200 (lol in your dreams, pal).

      • I was of course talking about the 650 price tag are asking for. Logic tells us NGP will not be 200 but it could be up to 325.

        I know phones have no post sale income, although surely considering they type of machine it is, Experia play would. I’m just saying considering it’s a substandard PSP with a phone tacked on then it, as many other smart phones are, a rip off if you don’t take them with a contract.

    • It’s more about where else they pick up money. Sony will get a lot more ongoing cash from NGP through licensing, games, downloaded content and features like Plus (if they come to it) so they can afford to sell the hardware itself for less.
      Phones do not have this after-sales income potential

  4. I used to really like Sony Ericsson phones but then got a Satio which is probably the worst phone I have ever had. Lost confidence in them after that.
    Would have to be something really special to make me switch back.

    • I have a Satio too mate, waited ages to get it…turns out it’s a piece of crap. I hate it and can’t wait to get a new phone, one with a QWERTY slider as Satio made me lose faith in touch screen texting for good.

  5. Err…why not just buy NGP and a crap phone? Might as well, you would probably get more out of it right?
    Anyway, they put me off when they said you have to buy the games you have again…that will have lots them a lot of custom.
    I’m probably gonna get the Xperia Pro when that comes out anyway.

  6. If it is around £250 as said above, thats great value for money. However I would still prefer to pay the extra £50-100 to get a HTC or another smartphone.
    The phone is probably appealing to a few people, especially commuters I think, but im fine with my angry birds :D

    (Also the sony ericson user interface is killer laggy and ugly in my opinion, such a dissapointment. Oh well, im happy with my current phone anyway, which I purchased like 2 weeks ago.)

    P.S. I wonder what the battery life will be like on this phone? Not great me thinks.

    • Also why do they stick with their “cheap, plasticky” silver buttons on the bottom. Just makes the phone look tacky. Surely someone in SE should notice these things :|

  7. As I expected, not bad. Im in :-)

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