Portal 2 Does NOT Support Move

Citing a case of ‘lost in translation’ Valve have just issued a statement regarding the earlier news that the PS3 version of Portal 2 will support Move.

The original story came from an interview with Chet Faliszek on the German PlayStation blog and when the text was translated in to English someone, somewhere, got a bit confused. Valve have sent an email out which reads:


There’s a story making the rounds regarding Portal 2 support for PS3 Move.

Unfortunately this quote was “lost in translation” — Portal 2 does not include support for Sony’s motion controller.

A shame, especially when the PC version will have support for motion control. Eurogamer are claiming that no mistranslation occurred and I’ve just run the text through Google Translate and it reads:

But as a small remedial measures for it’s PS3 exclusive cloud storage stands, free code for PC and Playstation-Move full support.

A little later on Chet says Move is ‘completely new’ to Valve and not fully implemented yet.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Bizarre.

  2. Wait what?!

  3. Certainly.

  4. Does Valve know if it has move support?

  5. Move support seems sort of natural for this game.

    • I don’t even know if FPSs will be any good with the move, but I love the idea of the orb on the move turning blue and orange depending on what portal you’re using.

  6. Oi! Mr. VP of Sharpening Things, get over there and ask them again if it’ll have Move support.

    • Then we can really ask valve: “Ewwww, what’s wrong with your legs?!?!”
      I’m joking, I love Valve, and I think shooting portals with the move may be kinda disorienting… Whenever I play MAG with the move I start spinning out of control every once in a while, so imagine me playing Portal with the Move.

  7. Maybe it was going to be a surprise to everyone once they put the disc in.

  8. Ah well looks like my Move isn’t happy about that.

  9. How do you mis-translate PlayStation Move?

    • It’s actually very close to the German for Half-Life 3.

      • Must be. I wonder what the hell happened?

      • German: “Aber als kleine Widergutmachung gibt’s dafür PS3-exklusiv Cloud-Speicherstände, einen kostenfreien Code für PC und volle Playstation-Move-Unterstützung.”

        English: “But in order to make up for it the PS3 will receive exclusive cloud save games, a free code for the PC version and full Playstation Move support.”

        One thing that could have gone wrong would be that the German blog conducted the interview in English and mistranslated it into German in the first place or misunderstood something.

      • What’s this BS. The German site clairly states it supports Move. One cannot graps such stupid mistakes.

  10. Ok, I was going to buy the PS3 version, but now I’ll just get it for PC. Mouse > controller

    • but if you buy the ps3 version you get a code for the pc-version for free… so there is no sense in buying the pc version if you also have a ps3…

      • I don’t think they’re going to be the same price though…

      • If there is no Move support I’ll wait 12 months and get it for free when they give it away on Steam. It’s not as though there is nothing else to play this year and as Blue Heeler suggests, mouse and keyboard are king here.

      • Only £10s difference through GAME, though if you don’t want a boxed PC version you can pick up the Steam version for an extra £3 less.

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