PlayStation Access: Round-Up

You’ve come to this corner of the internet to read about games. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the games featured at the PlayStation Access event. There were games that are out already, games that aren’t out yet, games in 3D, games that used Move and even games that were restricted to over 18s (which, unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to try out due to being born seventeen years and 359 days before the event). Still, there were enough games for me to get my hands on, so let’s get going.



Up until yesterday, the only experience I’ve had with the series was SOCOM: Confrontation, which I just couldn’t get into. A lot of people said it wasn’t as good because it was developed by Slant Six Games rather than Zipper, who were busy making MAG at the time. Whilst SOCOM 4 is very similar to Confrontation in terms of gameplay (both being third person shooters with similar controls), the addition of a full campaign and an online multiplayer mode which seems as though it could fix all of the problems of Confrontation make it stand out.

The section of SOCOM 4 that I played was what you’d expect from a modern shooter – you’re in a foreign country with your squad and you must battle your way through the worn-down streets to get to the objective. It took you through the level as you’d expect with any tutorial; showing you how to fire your gun, throw grenades and generally kill the enemies.

The graphics were good, although nothing stood out, well, at least until I put the 3D glasses on. It was incredible; the menu hovered out in front of the game and it was clearly defined that your character was in front of the environment, with the 3D effect adding complete depth to the game. I don’t know whether it was the fact that this was my first time playing a game in 3D or that the 3D effect was really well done but it was astounding.

I was pleasantly surprised with the Move controls; the television was only a couple of feet away from the chair I was sitting on, but Move seemed to be working better than ever. The controls were very different from playing with the DualShock and it took a few minutes to get used to switching over to them but they had been perfected for the use of the Move and the Navigation controllers. Overall, the demo section was really good and SOCOM looks promising; the use of Move and 3D seems to be the greatest way of immersing players in the game.

inFamous 2:

Cole stands on a rooftop, alone; he jumps straight towards the next roof, managing to make the jump by gliding across. He runs to the blue mission start area and off he goes to stop the enemies, free the cops they have trapped and storm the hideout the enemies are gathered around with the help of his allies – the cops.

Cole stands on a rooftop, alone; he jumps straight towards the next roof, managing to make the jump by gliding across. He runs to the red mission start area, and off he goes to storm the hideout the enemies are gathered around with the help of his ally – Nix.

These are the two paths that players can take in the demo of inFamous 2 that I played at Access. It’s great fun, the powers are improved, the melee combat is brilliant and despite encountering a few bugs (which I’m sure will be fixed by release), it played really well. It’s the same level that Alex already talked about two weeks ago after seeing it in London, so I won’t reiterate what he’s said and just say that I completely agree with him.

MotorStorm Apocalypse:

Crash: the perfect word to describe the latest entry into the MotorStorm series. As the rally car crashes down after being airlifted onto a rooftop, the buildings crumble around you, crashing to the ground; other racers crash as they fall short of the jump between rooftops; I crashed many times by being distracted by the beautiful scenery around; a building crashes down and changes the route, creating a new path for you to race across.

And it’s when you crash in 3D that MotorStorm is at its best; the rubble flies towards the screen and bursts out, hurtling towards you at an alarming rate. It’s fast, frantic and plays exactly as expected from MotorStorm; it’s a completely over the top racing game with tracks that quite literally fall apart as you race round.

My only complaint is that each time I played the track, the same building fell down and changed the track in the exact same way. I know that it was the same demo level repeated a few times but I’m hoping that the events will be more random in the final release. There are still the different routes to learn, to find out which is the best for the vehicle of your choice, so we can expect variety in that form. I’ll still be first in line when it’s time for the Apocalypse.

The Other Games:

Ah, the other games; the games that weren’t special enough to get a section for themselves. To be truthful, there’s not really much to write about them. I can’t say much about LittleBigPlanet other than to say that it’s extremely fun, as most have you have had the chance to experience it for yourselves (although, you won’t have experienced it the way I have, but there’s another article coming about that). The same goes for Move with Sports Champions and FIFA; although the competitions set up for these were very well organised.

There was a Tennis game but I was too busy having fun elsewhere to pay much attention to that [editor’s note: it was Virtua Tennis 4], even though it was in 3D and had Move support. Gran Turismo 5 was great; I’m not a huge fan of simulation racers, and my time was nowhere near the top of the leaderboard but the addition of a wheel and a racing seat made it really good. When you crashed or hit a car (as I did many times), the force feedback was intense and pushed the wheel right around. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any time with Killzone 3 or No More Heroes due to age restrictions.

Overall, Access had some great games and it was fantastic getting a hands-on with them before release. The competitions were really good, too. The games, after all, are what Access is about; without them it would just be PlayStation fans in a room drinking Red Bull, eating Pizza and leaving with free stuff. That doesn’t sound bad, either, if I’m honest.



  1. Personally I found SOCOM 4 really underwhelming; I thought the 3D was underused, the Move was just functional and the game itself was utterly generic. But Motorstorm Apocalypse stole the show for me; the game feels better than ever, looks fantastic and it was the best showcase for 3D at that event. inFamous 2 was also good, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Killzone 3 (I am 18 :P).

    Oh, and for beating the high score set by the staff in LBP2, my friend and I won God of War III press kits. They may just be the coolest thing ever :D

    • Me and Blair won one of them each, too. It’s amazing.

      • Close second for free goodies at that event has to be the Sackboy keyring. He’s just so adorable :)

      • I love him! Sits nicely next to his bigger brother, which I bought from Firebox.

    • Best. Prize. Ever.
      Wish I could see my face straight after winning it…
      Anyway, more thoughts on the actual event and the LBP2 dev session soon :)

  2. I’m incredibly jealous of you, and ProjectJAY for winning the press kit. Would love to try out some 3D gaming but budgetary restrictions will hold me back for now. Really eager to see more games that use the Move, obviously not simply crowbarring it in, but actually implementing it intuitively

  3. Cheers Blair. Great to see some really strong franchises performing well when in the hands of gamers. Even if SOCOM ends up feeling a bit generic, hopefully the implementation will be enough to show how things can be done.

  4. Good read. I like the sound of Socom 4, although I liked Confrontation too so I’ll have to wait and see on that.

    I’d have liked to have learnt a little more about Virtua Tennis 4, it’s a game I’m fairly interested in because my Move is gathering dust at the moment. Hopefully some Move announcements will be made at GDC.

    • My friend and I had a VT4 match with Move. It doesn’t do anything surprising, but it didn’t lag or anything; it was a lot of fun. The producer from Media Molecule has a great photo of my friend in the midst of a smash.

  5. Really looking forward to Motorstorm and inFamous 2.

  6. If only game outlets would be as strict on selling 18+ games to minors as Sony have been with your request to play Killzone3. Well done Sony for setting an example.

  7. Top read, I’m looking forward to all 3, but my self enforced game embargo might not let me.

  8. Good yeah for gamers, gonna be an expensive one though!

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