Prototype 2 Teaser Released

The trailer below that was just released for Prototype 2 does seem to have some gameplay thrown in, but I simply can’t bring myself to call a video that’s only 18 seconds long anything other than a ‘teaser’. The first scene in the teaser has a link to the Penny Arcade website so we’re assuming this is either the ‘official’ PAX East trailer, or that they’ll be revealing more at PAX East and this is merely an attempt to wet our whistles. Regardless, PAX East is only a couple of weeks away so we’ll soon know for sure.

Source: YouTube



  1. i enjoyed the first one for a while but eventually i got bored and started running around and ignoring missions. this does look good but i think in the first one they made you too powerful too soon, so there was no real reason to keep going (other than finishing the story i guess but it didn’t intrigue me that much). i just hope they’ve learnt from that. infamous or gta are much better at this as you keep with the story to unlock new islands and powers. i just stopped caring in prototype.

    • The power was all about choices – how shall I kill those guys? Pick up the smouldering carcass of a chopper before slamming into the ground sending them flying and finishing off the unlucky few who survive? Or steal a guards body, walk up behind them unnoticed, then transform into a tentacles lunatic and behead them all in one sweep of my extending arm? Or grab a grenade launcher and decimate them from above? Or hijack a heli and….etc.

      I loved Prototype with all my heart.

  2. loving the tralier captions :)
    traded 1st installment after two days. It just didnt work for me.
    Will be interesting to see what differences this will have if any, or maybe the same, glossed up, with karate kicks.

    Im hope we get an overhaul, much like infamous 2 has to Inf. (hoping for a demo unlike P1, if memory serves me well)

  3. Tried the first one and it felt bland and unfinished. Wasnt helped by the fact I am a hug inFamous fan so it had a lot to live up to. Wouldnt write this one off yet though, although I know it wont get anywhere near inFamous 2 :-)

  4. Never played the first one, played Prototype instead.
    Trailer looks good, so I may give this a try.

  5. I really enjoyed the first one but it did get a little boring towards the end of the story, tending towards repetition.
    That said, there was a lot of fun to be had just running around with your crazy skills. Hopefully they’ll make this one a but more varied.

  6. after playing prototype after infamous i found the game shockingly bad, i played about an hour and packed it in, it was awful so this is a defo no go for me

  7. I still have to complete the first one ! It’s still in my collection, I just haven’t bothered to continue on. I must do it before the 2nd one comes out !

  8. Hahaha… that was bloody awesome! *goes to watch again*

  9. The first game was okay, but it did become repetitive. I hope they’ve added more to the story and made the combat a bit more balanced.

  10. I still got my 1st one and I really did enjoy it. I completed and only need to do side missions which can get boring very quickly and repetitive.

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