Half-Minute Hero Heading To Xbox LIVE?

Our good friends the Australian ratings board has been busy once again, this time revealing that PSP game ‘Half-Minute Hero’ has been rated for the Xbox 360 as a ‘Super Mega Neo Climax Edition’. The game revolves around several modes, split into various genres such as RPG, Shooter etc. Each mode forms part of an overall story, and you are set tasks which need to be completed within 30 seconds or less.

It sounds bonkers, but is a genuinely interesting game.

Source: AU Ratings Board via XBLAFans



  1. Half Minute Hero on PSP was fantastic. Loved that game.

  2. PSN release as well please, ethereal floating head that grants wishes.

  3. Isn’t this new a little premature, though I am looking forward to this release

  4. It’s nice to see games like this on more platforms. Hopefully it’ll be playing on the PS3 soon enough.

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