Activision Claim Best Selling PS3 Game, Ever

Activision, bouyant about today’s launch of the first map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops dubbed First Strike, has claimed that the core game is the “best-selling PlayStation 3 title ever” as part of a press release.

Citing NPD, ChartTrack and GfK as the sources, the publisher’s claims aren’t hard to believe.


“The First Strike map pack significantly expands the intense experience for the millions of fans enjoying Call of Duty: Black Ops on the PlayStation 3 every day,” said Mark Lamia, Studio Head, Treyarch.

“Across each of First Strike’s multiplayer maps and the newest Zombie level, we have created unique experiences that will appeal to everyone playing online in the PSN Call of Duty community around the world.”

TheSixthAxis has detailed hands-on with First Strike here.

Source: press release.



  1. Although that might not be hard to beleive thats a very bold claim to make and needs to be backed up with some proof

    • Proof that the game actually works online would be nice…

      • ha ha, not bad selling a game half working. tut tut

    • Millions of people (not gamers) in the UK are likely to be unaware of its problems….

  2. Unfortunately sales don’t tell the whole picture. I bought Black Ops, but don’t play it anymore – I’d still rather play MW2 with all the hacking problems. Technically speaking, it’s a far superior game and runs better. My point being, the series has taken a step backwards, and now people are looking at Killzone 3 and Battlefield 3. CoD might have run its course

    • KZ3 is a completely different game, I don’t think there’s many overlaps in the fanbase.

      Battlefield 3 may be different though, but Medal Of Honor did pretty well last year, but if BlOps went on to become thie biggest selling PS3 game ever and the fastest selling multi-platform title ever I’d say the competition barely registered on Acti’s radar, especially considering BFBC2 was hyping up it expansion massively as well.

      • Sure, but my point is that sales don’t mean it’s a great game. Whenever I watch the FirstPlay developer interviews, they always choose Review Scores over game Sales – it’s about integrity.

        Your right about KZ3, I didn’t mean to compare the 2, only that some people like me are looking for something to fill the BO hole since I found it dissappointing, and MW2 is currently very hacked, so I’m gonna try KZ3.

      • after playing the demo yesterday I can safely say without a shadow of doubt, that I’m so glad I didn’t buy it, it has got to be one of the worst fps games I’ve ever played…(apart from the explosive arrows of course :) do like blowing off limbs) it’s a shame as the story is normally pretty good in COD games, but the gameplay was just terrible.

        it’s unfortunate that so many people fall for COD games and completely disregard great games like BFBC 1 & 2, just because of advertisements and hype.

        I wonder how many of the sales generated were actually returned for an exchange or full refund…I’m betting it’s a number they do not want to know or admit.

      • Agreed Youles, amongst myself and my friends, we all bought CoD Blops (despite saying we wouldn’t) and we all got sick of it very quickly and of course continue to play BFBC2 and now KZ3.

        I really wish I had never bought CoD Blops, I hate being another statistic.

      • @JesseDeya Annoyingly, being a statistic has made the Map Pack disgustingly bad value, they now have everyone bent over a barrel as they know they will pay. And due to the volume that will, my stance of not buying it will make little impact to my revolt. Therefore, expect future DLC to be even more expensive! Shame.

      • That’s not how a free market with competition works.

        People won’t pay more than they think something is worth, the very act of handing over money for something is saying that, on balance, you think its worth it – or plain & simple you would buy it.

        Activision are a multi-billion dollar company with over a billion in revenue every single year, they would have an army of market researchers working out how much people are willing to pay, they would everything via an army of expensive accountants who would analyse everything including doing projections of sales at difference price points. they probably worked out how many they would sell at half this price and I’d say it won’t sell double the amount to make up for the lower earnings that brings. they probably also worked out the sales figures if they charged more than this and found that sales would dip massively.

        Therefore they’ve found the sweet spot that the market is in general willing to support and its almost impossible to argue that it isn’t priced correctly, if it wasn’t the market would decide and the price would need lowering.

        It must also be remembered that Activision are the only major publisher not to be interested in Online Passes meaning items hold their second hand value far better than other products such as those from EA. I’ve traded-in my Call Of Duty’s for the past few years for more money than I’ve paid for it. and whoever has received the benefit of my copy hasn’t had to hand over £7.99 to the publisher like they have to with MoH or BFBC2 and others. this maintaining of the status quo is something Acti get next to no credit for when everyone’s busy sniping at them.

        Back to the pricing of the map-pack… I don’t see how it could be less. 5 maps that millions of people will play for months for less than the price of a pint each, that’s in the same ball-park as KZs maps isn’t it?

        ps. Not aimed at anybody commenting here, but people across the internet really do seem to talk with blinkers on when it comes to any article about Activision

      • I disagree…people will not pay what it’s worth, but what they have to. If they REALLY want it, they’ll buy it regardless of price – look at the price of petrol for example. And CD’s, they’ve been overpriced for years hence all the illegal downloading. I don’t think Activision wouldn’t have given much consideration to price – simple fact is BO sold more than MW2, and the MW2 map packs at £10.99 each, and with the VAT increase, we can afford to stretch people’s wallets to £11.49. I understand they are not forcing people to buy it, but, I definately think that if it were cheaper more people would buy it, and in turn they could make more money!

        Also, regarding second hand value, I don’t buy a game with the consideration of what it’s second hand value might be…and I know I’d rather pay EA’s fee and have a more secure game. So MW2 might be cheaper second hand, but the online experiences is ruined at present. Sure Treyach have increased security for BO but we’ll see if they still are after 12-months when they move on to their next CoD project…and perhaps their man-hours working on the games security has contributed to the games poor quality – whereas EA MoH and Battlefield seem to be creeping up on CoD like Fifa did with Pro Evo. I feel I’m being non-bias since I love the CoD games since Big Red One, hence I was so dissappointed by BO. And I’m not the only person who feels that BO was a step backwards. I’m not having a go at Activision, but they have to take the rough with the smooth, and they’ve had it good for a long time.

  3. And Celine Dion has sold 200 million albums – so?

    • thats a very good point indeed lol. Alot of people with bad taste. I wonder how many albums PJ & Duncan sold ?

    • isn’t mentioning Celine Dion a bannable offense here?
      if not, why not?

      • Well now that i’ve gotten away with it on this occasion, i will gladly comply with that ban in future. ;)

  4. Shame the online is a broken mess most of the time ;)

    • Never found that to be the case, it does seem a few people find it like that though

      • really? It’s terrible, it hardly works at all for me, I don’t have problems with any other games other than COD ones. Its frustrating

      • I gave up with it in the end and now I stick to offline zombie killin’ ;)

      • “really? It’s terrible, it hardly works at all for me”

        Hundred of millions of man-hours are spent in CoD, would be interesting to see what %age of those man-hours are spoiled with disconnections and bad levels of lag. My feelings are that even a really low percentage would still throw up a quite a lot of complaints because of the sheer mass of people who play it.

  5. ^^ Exactly! In theory, since the BO demo was only released yesterday, you could argue that BO’s massive sales are due to MW2’s success. E.g. people purchased BO just because they enjoyed MW2, before ever playing BO or knowing what it’s like. Think about all the launch-day sales and pre-orders….this kinda distorts the sales figures.

    • plus only people who follow the series would know that COD games are made by 2 different companies, Treyarch and Infinity Ward, Infinity Ward usually making the better of the 2.

      Although I do love the fact that Treyarch added in the loss of limbs from explosions which adds a little more atmosphere into the games, but, unfortunately, there is something lacking in their games…both are still nothing compared to BFBC2 though :)

  6. I bet it’s been traded in the most as well!

    • Good point, first CoD to go sub £30 3 months after release too.

  7. It most likely is the best selling game. Probably on all of the 3 main platforms too (PS3, X360, PC).

  8. I haven’t played BO for quite a while. I went back to Bad Company 2 to try out the new maps and caught the bug again. It’s an amazing game online, especially if you get into a good squad that actually works together.

  9. Considering the game was apparently broken on PS3, this is a real triumph for the power of marketing…

  10. good for them

    i’m only posting to see what level i am….

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