Latest NGP Video Hits The Net

The NGP panel at GDC is over, and had some juicy little snippets of information. Sony took the opportunity to show off augmented reality, which was demonstrated using everyone’s favourite pet; the T-Rex. Tsutomu Horikawa, director of the software solutions and development department at SOEI in Tokyo, took a picture of a T-Rex image using the NGP’s camera, and then showed the crowd how that image had now been recreated on the NGP’s screen. Check out the video below.

Source: YouTube



  1. Want one

  2. So the NGP takes a picture of something and then recreates it in 3D? Does this work with anything?!?

    • Yeah, so we’re meant to believe. The A3 is probably irrelevant or near irrelevant, NGP see’s picture on paper, loads up software.

  3. This kind of thing is cool for the first few goes, then you never use it again.

  4. Botom line, I don’t care about gimics

  5. If it does work for everything, it could get interesting lol

    • naughty mind lol but I do agree

  6. I think the prospect here is how this functionality can be incorporated into a game. 3Ding images is all well and good but it will get old very fast.

    Now imagine a game where you can pit your character against enemies you scan in from a book.

    I’ll finally be able to experience my Jesus Vs. Mechagodzilla game!

  7. not sure i get where people are going with this.. this is just augmented reality, nothing special (except for the motion tech using the device position as a way to control a virtual camera…

    AR is nothing new, but you can’t just point it at any old image, the image is pre programmed to be recognised by the software, sure you could use any image, but it would have to be programmed to do so, and it doesn’t have to relate to the image being scanned either, the image acts as an instruction to the device to draw whatever is programmed there, it takes the positioning data from the angle of the AR card.. just like the 3ds… and invizimals on the psp

  8. 3ds has augmented reality and everyone praises, NGP has augmented reality and people aren’t intrested in gimmiks.


  9. Looks good, interested, looks better then the 3DS one

  10. having never experienced AR im intrigued by it, i hope the feature is well supported

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