Not All NGP Games Will Hit The High Street

Looks like Sony’s still intent on making the most of the PlayStation Store with the next version of the PSP, still apparently dubbed NGP.

In an interview with MCV, SCEE President Andrew House said that ‘blockbuster’ NGP games will be available on the new physical media format – and thus available from the likes of GAME and HMV – with the rest only being available for download digitally, from the Store.


“With NGP, digital is baked into the strategy behind the device,” said House.  “With PSP our digital plan was almost bolted-on after the initial launch. This time around it has been thought through from the start. I think publishers will start to look at distribution methods depending on the size of the content.”

“Clearly if you have large blockbuster gaming experiences, then downloading them is perhaps not the best experience.”

All games will appear digitally, he confirmed, but not necessarily all games have to be made physically.  “Having the option of a digital-only method affords more creative risk-taking, and that’s because you don’t have that risk of physical inventory associated with it,” he said.

Earlier in the week ngmoco boss Neil Young described the NGP as being “dead on arrival“.



  1. Cant help but think they are shooting themselves in the foot by making many of the games Download only. PSN/Mini quality games yeah, but not other games.

    • Well if they get the pricing right, which I doubt they will, they could be onto a winner. It seems a fairer compramise between donload only (and alienating the retailers) to physical media which idealy a handheld doesn’t really need.

  2. Do we know what sort of storage the NGP has for downloaded games?

    • None locally it seems, unless they’re gonna release a couple different sizes so nothings announced yet. Otherwise we’ll have to write games to cards.

  3. The real test will be if they can finally bring the cost of downloadable titles down to a reasonable level. No matter how you try and justify it, a downloadable version of a game should never cost more than the physical version; based on the recent Mass Effect 2 release, they’ve a long way to go.

    • I would love to see a cost comparison of physical release to digital release. I agree that it’s got to be cheaper to digitally host it, you haven’t got to press the disks, creat cases and covers, box, ship etc… But there must still be costs involved for hosting the data and it’s got to be no where near pressing disks!

      • Don’t forget the costs to the end user of the bandwidth to actually download the title from the store; if I’d bought Mass Effect 2 from the PSN, I would have been paying £48 and then also had to use 12~ GB of my monthly bandwidth allowance to download the title, effectively bumping the cost to around £56.80.

        I know it only applies to A-list titles at the moment, but bandwidth costs to the end user are yet another hurdle.

    • Digital games should ALWAYS be cheaper than their physical counterparts IMO, if not, they will never take off. Look at steam, now that’s a way of selling digital games.

      • Sony need to open up the sale of digital content, either through traditional high street stores being able to sell ‘codes’ for full games or through digital competition such as having Steam as an alternative. Yes, Sony won’t be able to charge as much for the content, but I would imagine that they would sell a larger amount.

  4. They need to take a more steam like approach to the store, I’ve bought 2 games on steam this week that I already own, just to have them in my collection!

  5. At the end of the day this is entirely up to the publishers.

  6. This will be great if the prices are right. If they’re not it will be a severe downside.

  7. My problem with downloadable games is that you can’t trade them after you bought them, although you paid full price for them in the first place.

    • Can I sell/trade films, music digitally?

      • Music is an exception because no body sells used music.
        digital movies have this problem too.
        don’t you trade a game once you finish it?

  8. My problem is that what if something happens to your device and you lose all of your games you have to download them all again but if you have them on discs or cards they are always there even if you have to get a new device or something and of course losing limited disc space/memory from your device for your games is never good

    • if it’s like the psp downloads you will have either 3 or five devices attached to an account, can’t remember which it is.

      a bigger worry for me would be your account details on the device, if it’s the same as your regular psn account.

    • Flip side of the coin: if something happens to your device, and the games you kept with it. You keep your games, at the cost of downloadning them again, instead of having to re-buy them.

      • Well sure but downloading them all again always comes down to your connection speeds if you have a slower connection or have a download limit in your connection (i’ve heard they have these some where) it’s not fun

      • To those with download limits, could they use an internet café/ public wi-fi access?
        They’re in a LOT of places…

      • If you have a download limit you should get a different ISP. If you can’t get a different ISP you should move, possibly to a different country.

        Seriously, I’d try with public wifi. But I don’t know what kind of speeds you could get from that, and if they even let that kind of traffic through.

      • But that is allot of extra things to do when you could just walk in to a store and buy the game from there

  9. if it’s like the ps3 where the major titles come on physical media and smaller, cheaper, and sometimes just outright odder, titles are download only then that would be just fine.

  10. About memory in the NGP:

    is there some internal GB or can you only save downloaded games on a memory stick?

    • There hardly been any details about that yet but I guess that it could be 32GB or higher like it should be the same stuff from the PSP GO which you can miss on the PSP-3000.

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