Ubisoft Survey Hints At $250 NGP Price

According to Kotaku, a survey by research firm Toluna (on behalf of Ubisoft, we’re led to believe) has pitched the next generation portable from Sony at between $250 and $350, depending on the version.

“How likely would you be to purchase the Sony NGP now that you know this retail price?” said the survey, after presenting the figures to the user as part of the questionnaire.


It’s worth noting that this is entirely speculative – if Ubisoft know the estimated value of the NGP then that’s great but there’s nothing to suggest that they’ve passed this on as part of the survey.  It does, however, give us a rough ballpark and it would be great to see the results of that particular question.

At the time of publication, Sony hadn’t commented.

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Source: Kotaku.



  1. Hopes theres no remakes….. please ubisoft?

  2. So it’d be fair to speculate at between £200 – £250, thereabouts?

    • If it was this price then I would get one without a doubt.

    • Good call… £200 is the way to go

      • £200 would likely be the basic unit. I’d happily pay extra for the all-singing, all-dancing version.

    • probably more like £250-£300 once you add the UK electrical goods exchange rate (ie. always much worse than the /actual/ exchange rate) and VAT.
      I think £250 for the base sounds about right considering the tech they’re stuffing into it. Whether that’s going to appeal to consumers at retail is another matter but then I guess that’s the purpose of this survey and the dozens like it that will no doubt be carried out between now and the eventual release.

      • $250 was the PSP release price and the UK one was £180.

      • I’d settle for £250 for a non-3G one, defo. I’ve certainly got more desire for one of these than an iPad.

      • I did think £200-£300 originally, but didn’t want to tempt fate :P Exchange rate would, off the top of my head, make the article estimate about £160-£230, so with UK taxes or whatever it is that fattens up the UK price, £220-£300 sounds about right to me.

        To be honest I stll would pay £300 on day one. Just don’t tell Sony.

  3. If it comes out at that price point I will be very pleasantly surprised.

    • me too, after recently fallin gin love with my PSP I’d be more inlcined to spend 250 on the NGP.

  4. I’d be amazed if they hit the lower end of that.

  5. The limit I will go is the $300 mark (with 3G.) However, I will need to get a closer look at the games before I’m completely convinced.

  6. €250 base price? Doesn’t sound half as bad as I thought it would be.

  7. I think for me £200-£250 would be the best price.

  8. unfortunately that is too much for me without seeing the finished product

    Sub £199 would get my attention, although i appreciate that could be long after launch

    • What about £199.01 hmmmm, or bang on £199 even?

  9. $250 was the American price for the 3DS as well, which suggests that, if this price is accurate, we can expect £230 over here, like the 3DS, along with discounts driving it down to about £190. Either way, very happy with that price. I have no real need or desire for the 3G.

  10. Day One :-)

    • Same here already told the wife what i would love for xmas

      • I would love this for Christmas, even if the missus won’t buy me this, I’m getting it!

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