Portal 2 ‘Aperture Investment Opportunity #1’ Trailer

Many of us are excited about the upcoming release of Portal 2. From what we’ve seen it seems to retain the twisted, subtle humour of the original whilst upping the difficulty of the brain-melting puzzles.

From now until April 19th Valve will be releasing teaser videos of Portal 2, just to get you in the mood for the game. Trailer one of four can be found below.


Source: Portal 2 Blog, Thanks Martin



  1. Can’t watch it as I’m on the train and people would just think I’m plain weird – no headphones. I never played the first but I’m tempted just to discover what all the fuss about cake is.

    • Go play the first one. You will not be disappointed!

      • Or install Steam and check forums weekly, over the last few years they have given Portal away 4 times I think!

      • I pre-ordered it on Steam for £26.99, and you get Portal free with it. It’s bliddy brilliant :)

  2. I saw this yesterday and thought it was brilliant. Glad they’re keeping the humour intact. Looking forward to it :)

  3. That’s blasphemous Tony:P Portal is an amazing game

  4. The last three sentences crack me up :) Very, Simpsons/Family Guy/American Dad in delivery.

  5. the main thing i am worried about is the fact that I got the original portal game as part of the orange box, £40 on release day, for a few good games.

    Is the release of Portal 2 on its own going to be priced at £40?

    If it is, it would want to be a whole different game, and not just a reinvention of the puzzles

    • its about 30 i think and its a full fleshed out game

    • Pre-order is £26 (PC) on steam currently

      • Sorry make that £26.99, I was close.

      • ah ok, so £30 for console sounds about right then

    • It’s about 30 quid for the console version, but with the PS3 version, you also get a PC/MAC Steam download copy too.

  6. I am so excited, I am gonna play the first one through again I think may even get some HL in too. Orange box bonanza :)

  7. I’m glad that Portal has a sequel just so we can finally start banning people making jokes about the lack of truth with a certain food-type.

    • except in portal 2 its going to be something else that GlaDOS will lie about!

      • The pate and cheese is a lie

      • The cheese cannot possibly be a lie.

      • There _will_ be punch and pie

  8. Will pick this up in the summer, looking brilliant.

  9. The trailer was very funny. Loved the first game, will defo pick this up.

  10. Does anyone know if there is a reason the video was removed?

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